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Los Angeles-based fashion photographer Viktorija Pashuta  have created numerous concept viral photo shoots that gain worldwide exposure and stirred huge buzz in social media. Famous for her conceptualized series ‘What if Guys Were Social Networks‘, ‘What if Girls Were Internet Browsers‘ and ‘What if Cars Were Supermodels‘ that were published in VOGUE, Esquire, Buzzfeed, Ads of the World, Complex to name, gaining more than 2 billion hits online – she has just released her new project entitled ’11 KIDS AS 11 MUSIC ICONS’ exclusively created for BASIC Magazine #Generation Issue.

For the first time working with the kids, Viktorija has added an extra fashion flavor to the little models and possibly have discovered new young superstars! ‘It was so much fun working with the kids, – says Viktorija, – as they are so energetic and spontaneous, you can see true excitement in their eyes and that energy really feeds me as an artist! They all got into their characters so well – that was truly impressive’.

Viktorija ads that, “For these types of photo projects, where every little detail counts – we had to create certain clothing pieces from the scratch, like the iconic David Bowie’s British Flag coat, created by multi talented stylist and designer Oye Decova”. “Having on board such a talented glam team of professionals (Einat Dan, Bethy Mireles, Barbara Yniguez, Chelsea Conklin and Marla Moore) helped us to transform shy kids into iconic music figures”

Austin Parker as David Bowie


Trench Coat – Oye Decova Black Gold Boots – Amiclub Wear Leather Pants – Level 99


Trench Coat – Oye Decova Black Gold Boots – Amiclub Wear Leather Pants – Level 99

Jessica Bushman as Adele


Lined Mesh Dress – Cheryl Kids Creations Cape – Aleena Khan


Jaxyn Harlem as Beyoncé


Modified Suit In Post by Calvin Klein (forkidsonlyla.com) Jewelry – Marianna Harutunian Oversize Hat – Oye Decova


Bo as Bruno Mars


Jeans – Tractr Jeans Jewelry – Marianna Harutunian Shirt – Forever 21

Malachi as Drake


Jeans – Joe’s Jeans Sweater – Forever 21

Catherine Miller as FKA TWIGS


Fur Vest – Elisa B. (Flicka children’s boutique) Jewelry – Marianna Harutunian


Delaney as Gwen Stefani


Cargo Shorts – Silver Jeans Scout Bronze Boots – Pazitos Suspenders – Diesel (Diesel.com) Fishnet Cover Up – Cheryl Kids Creations

Julien as Lenny Kravitz


Boots – Army Mesh Tank – Tribe Kelley Jewelry – Jessica Elliot Jewelry Leather Pants – Level 99

Riley as Madonna


Calvary Boots – Pazitos (Pazitosinc.com) Fishnet Gold Gloves – Marianna Harutunian, Oxford Shirt – Wes and Willy

Joseph as Prince


Jewelry – Marianna Harutunian Flair Pants – Cheryl Kids Creations

Bianca as Rihanna


Cape – Oye Decova White Feather Dress – Elisa B.

BASIC Team Credits

Photographer & Creative Director Viktorija  @viktorija_pashuta

Stylist Oye Decova @odcova

Stylist’s Assistant Ambika Sanjana @bikasan

Production Cece Leyton

Hair Stylists Bethy Mireles @bethymireles & Marla Moore

Makeup Artists Einat Dan @einat_dan, Barbara Yniguez @barbarawhodoesmakeup and Chelsea Conklin @csquarebeauty

Art Director Roberta Hall @robertadeehall

Photo Assistant Jeremy Ponce @jeremyponcephotography

Models: Austin Parker @ Brand & Talent, Jessica Bushman, Jaxyn Harlem, Bo, Malachi, Cathrine Miller @ SD Model, Delaney @ Brand & Talent, Julien, Riley @ Brand & Talent, Joseph Ruiz, Bianca @ Bloc Agency

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