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Artist Feminizes Famous Political Figures

And Exclusive Interview with Scott Scheidly by Tara Ciccone for BASIC

Shock, awe and utter admiration are just a few emotions you will feel when you view Scott Scheidly‘s riveting collection. His pieces are satirical; fusing well-known figureheads with relevant pop culture references. He then surrounds the paintings with pink borders and color schemes; feminizing these otherwise masculine icons in society.

Scott Scheidly - Care Bear Putin basic magazine

Care Bear Putin by Scott Scheidly

Scott Scheidly - Kim Jong be Ill'en basic magazine

Kim Jong be Ill’en by Scott Scheidly

Scott, you have profiled quite legendary subjects; some controversial, some greatly adored. Is there anyone you feel is off limits? Why?  

Absolutely not.  The more controversial the better.  I’m looking to disturb people whether it’s through laughter or making them mad.

Scott Scheidly - Reagan Hates Me_ basic magazine

Reagan Hates Me by Scott Scheidly

Scott Scheidly - Mao basic magazine

Mao by Scott Scheidly

Which artist, if any, do you think has most directly influenced your style? Do you draw inspiration from a variety of art forms to produce your works? 

Scott Scheidly - Playboy Hitler basic magazine

Playboy Hitler by Scott Scheidly

With the pink series, I’m inspired by the artist Banksy for taking pop culture or people of power and making fun of them while also making a point about the problems we face. I also like Peter Gronquist for his weapons and tools adorned with gold and various fashion labels.

Other than your paintings, is there another medium you’d like to explore expressing yourself through?  

Scott Scheidly - Ass Clown basic magazine

Ass Clown by Scott Scheidly

Scott Scheidly - Ayatollah Khomeini basic magazine

Ayatollah Khomeini by Scott Scheidly

I have been doing a little photography and would like to explore the medium more.

For more on Scott Scheidly:

Instagram:   www.instagram.com/scott_scheidly
Website:   www.flounderart.com
FaceBook:   www.facebook.com/pages/Scott-Scheidly/237889139606146?ref=hl