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AXIOM by Marlen Albrecht

Inspired by Bauhaus principles “form follows function” or “less is more” German based jewelry & objects designer Marlen Albrecht creates a project called AXIOM, blending intricate shapes and dance choreography.

Photographer Danilo Jovicic I Marlen Albrecht
Models Aria Arki I Brodybookings
Sinead Brodd I Stuttgarter Ballett
Make Up Deborah Hoerz
Styling Katharina Schmalz


During the design process “Frozen” bodily movements captured photographically are transported to objects. Thus, craft and digital fabrication go hand in hand.


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In the present work, the stools which have been designed and constructed are intended to show clearly the relationship between man and object and moreover should reclaim its relationship to the body in that they can also be worn as jewelry.


The boundaries between jewelry and object are therefore blurred through this process. In addition, different tactile possibilities of perception also occur. Thus the objects should be experienced and, above all, should be touched.

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