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BASIC HERO: Breaking Boundaries with RJ Mitte

AT FIRST GLANCE you might think this stunningly handsome guy walking the Fashion Week
runways around the world including Milan, London and Berlin is just another model. Beautiful, aloof and
unapproachable, until you realize it is in fact RJ Mitte. The well known and beloved actor from Breaking Bad who captured the hearts of millions playing the disabled son of Walter White in the long running T.V. series.

Stylist  JESSE J

Sweater- DUNYAH, Jewelry – GM Studio By Georges Marciano, Leather Pants – DUNYAH, Shoes – Stacy Adams

Cape Jacket – AZUL by Moussy, Shirt – GM studio by Georges Marciano, Tie – c/o Trendhaus Showroom, Pants – AZUL by moussy

NOW LANDING ROLES in major films,
Mitte had also co-hosted coverage for the Paralympics
in Rio for 2016. This incredibly talented, good-natured
Louisiana native lives every day of his life with cerebral
palsy. By his own words, he looks upon the diagnosis as
just a challenge, one that has never deterred him from
doing what he loves best, performing and helping others
to lead positive, outstanding lives in spite of anything they
might be up against. RJ tours colleges and does public
speaking engagements where he talks openly about the
challenges he faced growing up. He uses much of his time
in the spotlight to encourage people to be brave and face
their fears. His courage and candor about his illness have
long been an inspiration to many never detracting from
the artist that he is.

Who’s Driving Doug is your first starring role on the big
screen, fill us in on the film…

Sweater- DUNYAH, Jewelry – GM Studio By Georges Marciano, Leather Pants – DUNYAH, Shoes – Stacy Adams

It was an amazing opportunity shooting that film. It was
very different being the lead in this project and I definitely
had a lot of fun doing it. There’s more responsibility and
weight in doing a film project but I think it worked out well
for what it is. We all cared about the film and what we were
doing. Our cast and crew were a lot of fun. That’s all you
can hope for when you’re working on a role. Doug is an
interesting character too; he’s a smart, outgoing kid who is
trapped in his shell. As the movie plays out he starts to come
out of that shell and learn who he is and what he can do.

Big screen or little screen, where are you most comfortable?

Anywhere that I can fit; I just enjoy working. Working
with a good crew and a good cast of people who care about
the project is where I feel most comfortable.

Can you tell us more about how you got involved with the
2016 Paralympics?

I was doing some work in London at the time and I met
a few people, including Channel 4 and Scope, and from
there the relationship just continued to grow which allowed
me this amazing opportunity. I’m really excited to be able
to do this, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that Channel
4 has given me. I can’t wait to see how Rio goes and to see
the amazing strength of each athlete competing for the gold!

And lastly, who is your favorite go-to fashion designer
for events?

I like Moods of Norway; they make colorful and
comfortable suits. I also love wearing Vivienne Westwood.
Honestly any designer that makes comfortable clothes that
fit my lifestyle is my go-to.

Cape Jacket -AZUL by Moussy, Shirt – GM studio By Georges Marciano, Tie – c/o Trendhaus Showroom, Pants – AZUL by moussy

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