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Black Rabbit Rose An Unexpected Magical Experience

by Viktorija Pashuta

If you’re looking for an enigmatic experience that will bring you back to the ages of old fashioned magic tricks those with the charm of live, private theaters with the hint of a presence of the Great Houdini –  – look no further than Black Rabbit Rose. This is LA’s hidden gem to have a magic night full of unexpected performances, great drinks and a few juicy laughs. But proceed carefully as there are a few spoilers ahead.

Photo vi @bradjja

Photo by Jakob Layman

Photo by Jakob Layman

Born and bred in Los Angeles, fraternal twins Mark  and  Jonnie  Houston  have  cornered  a  niche  market  of  high-end,  nightlife  hotlife  spots.  The duo launched Piano Bar  in  2008—followed  in  short  order  by  La  Descarga,  Harvard  &  Stone,  Pour  Vous,  No  Vacancy,  Dirty  Laundry,  Good  Times  at  Davey  Wayne’s,  Butchers  &  Barbers,  and  Break  Room  86.

Photo by Jakob Layman

Photo by Jakob Layman

Throughout Black Rabbit  Rose – a bar, lounge and a private theater space  where BASIC team had a pleasure to experience their Saturday Night show. There is a definite surprise waiting for you in any corner at any given time. By entering the venue it made us feel like we stepped on the grounds of Alice in Wonderland. But one just for adults.

Photo by Jakob Layman

The show began with a grand  entrance by a charismatic and flamboyant Mr Fitzgerald, who kept the audience on their toes all night long. There is no escape from his penetrating, yet frivolous gaze and no way to run away if he decides to bring you on stage for a magic act.

The ornate theater becomes a pulsing heart under the sensual voice of theater’s lead performer Liberty Larson – fourth-generation magician of the Larsen family, the creators of The Magic Castle in Hollywood and founders of Genii Magazine and the Academy of Magical Arts. With casual grace, she performed  a piece a capella by the legendary Edith Piaf to an audience  in silent admiration.

Friday nights at the bar with me 🔥 (Captured by @celebriteez at @blackrabbitrose )

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She was followed by a Scottish born standup comedian Stuart Macleod, who is now part of Scottish BAFTA nominated magicians group Barry and Stuart. After his memorable act – you sure will not be able to enjoy tic tac mints as you used to after seeing his bewildering performance. We were astonished by a number of truly fantastical number tricks he performed so easily and seemingly without effort . Make sure you have your calculators with you to keep up with his captivating math skills.

Photo by Jakob Layman

Under the sparkling chandeliers, the whole performance was lit up by a mysterious lady-vamp named Asia Ray, who without doubt will leave you breathless by fearlessly playing with fire and swallowing swords as if they were made of air.

Photo via @asiarayfreak by @@hannahvphotography

All in all, be ready to be amused and immersed in the enchanting spell of Black Rabbit Rose.

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