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BOWENERO | Designer Spotlight

BASIC: What piece is most emblematic of your current collection and why?

The piece most emblematic would have to be my first design, the Quadra. The Quadra top gave me inspiration for the rest of the collection by not only being reversible, but also having the option to wear “frontwards” or “backwards”. This is where the name “Quadra” came from, because it could be worn four different ways. The entire collection is reversible.

BASIC: What will clothes be like in the future?

In the very near future, Bowenero will launch collaborations with different artists and fashion brands, as well as playing with different materials other than leather.

BASIC: Dream client? And why?

Dream client would have to be Cher; now or then. Her style has made such a statement over the years and Bowenero is a definite statement.

BASIC: Tell us about a piece that has been designed in your dreams but still isn’t a reality.

A piece/collection designed in my dreams but I have not yet cracked the code to is swimwear. This will for sure be a reality one day, it’s just been some trial and error.

BASIC: If there were a soundtrack to your designs, what song would you choose?

“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor

BASIC: What historical or vintage clothing trend do you wish would make a comeback?

Historical clothing trend I wish would come back would have to be chainmail from the Medieval Times. It was an essential; Bowenero modern day chainmail, also an essential.


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