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Insect Wings Series by Seb Janiak

Paris-based photographer Seb Janiak created an awesome series insect wings which are manipulated to look like blooming flowers. It’s entitled Mimesis, a Greek word which holds the meaning of imitation. Unlike most the digital designed photos this was created without any special effects or retouching using only techniques from analog photography, namely superimposition and photomontage.

seb-janiak-mimesis-01 seb-janiak-mimesis-02 seb-janiak-mimesis-03 seb-janiak-mimesis-04 seb-janiak-mimesis-05 seb-janiak-mimesis-06 (1) seb-janiak-mimesis-08 seb-janiak-mimesis-09 seb-janiak-mimesis-10 seb-janiak-mimesis-11

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