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Monarchy London

Luxury leather brand for contemporary gentlemen launches exclusive online shopping experience in the United States.

Monarchy London, a luxe leather brand, brings an exclusive online shopping experience to U.S. shoppers with its first worldwide Oyster Sale on September 24, 2019.

With no physical shop, Monarchy London’s products are only available online. This is to highlight ‘One World’ philosophy and to create limitless boundaries for shoppers around the world. Its exclusive and private online shopping will be scheduled to launch on a specific day for only one month. The Oyster Sale is Monarchy London’s spin on the flash sale concept—offering a limited number of items, for a limited time, and offering privileged pricing for early adopters. Following the sale, their items will no longer be available until the next Oyster Sale. Monarchy encourages their clients to catch the pearl before the oyster closes.

About the Brand

Monarchy London, a brand for contemporary gentlemen, deeply embraces the high fashion philosophy of bringing out any gentlemen’s true elegance and class. The sense of rebellion, anarchy, punk, and confidence is wholly embedded in the brand’s identity. True to its name, the symbol ‘M’ from ‘Monarchy’ ingrained on the leather bags represents traditions and values while ‘A’ epitomizes anarchy, expressing the brand’s free spirit. Choosing London as its roots, the city has become Monarchy London’s source of inspiration and truly represents a perfect twist between tradition and modernity.

Design & Craftsmanship

Each single design is a product of meticulous research and development to deliver flawless touch and unique identity. Drawing on the brand’s deep passion for leather, the bags are conceived without exterior canvas and plastic to honor leather’s natural luxury. It simply offers full-grain leather: pure, noble, and real. Monarchy London deliberately presents black as the brand’s single signature color to reflect any gentlemen’s smart yet bold and rebellious styles.

The Iggy

The backpack at its strongest, sleekest and sexiest; totally seductive, yet perfectly controlled. Epitomizing modern travel, this backpack is inspired by London life and the active, confident London gentleman of today. Adorned with Monarchy London’s hand-embossed signature pattern, The IGGY will open up new possibilities. Truly, this is a one-of-a-kind design.

The Lionheart

The city can be a jungle—or a battleground. Either way, a gentleman needs a shield. A sleek, strong backpack with a clean architectural shape, The Lionheart will protect your laptop and important documents. Presenting a confident image to the world, we have called it the Lionheart and adorned it with our luxurious hand-embossed signature pattern. The jungle may await, but from now on, Monarchy London has got your back.

The Marquee

A gentleman’s bag that stands out from the crowd, just as it would have done at the Marquee club: a legend on the London music scene of the 1960s to 80s. A capacious doctor-style weekender, it opens wide, packing your shirts flat; it keeps your clothes and image impeccable. In mat black leather, it boasts the hand-embossed Monarchy London signature pattern. The extra-luxurious finish creates easy comfort with carry handles faced with kangaroo fur. Luxury at its finest!

Co-founder and CEO of Monarchy London, Alexis Gouten, aims to create a new luxury brand delivering the finest leather to their customers as each bag is tailored by hand. The branding, design, and inspiration is being led by Philippe Loup, Monarchy London’s Creative Director and Brand Manager, who draws inspiration from his Swiss, Thai, and Danish ancestry.

Worldwide fashionistas, get ready to shop some of Monarchy’s hottest items, and get them before they’re gone.