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New Issue 14! H.E.R. #Muse

COVER: H.E.R. || BASIC #Muse Issue 14
SIZE: 152 Pages of Fashion, Art & Photography Goodness. The MUSE Issue.

H.E.R. photographed by Pol Kurucz


COVER: H.E.R.|| BASIC   #Muse

SIZE: 152 Pages of Fashion, Art & Photography Goodness. The MUSE Issue.

The issue is released in 2 covers: H.E.R. and CRISTINA ROBU

BasicCoverStory starring H.E.R.  photographed by Pol Kurucz. Muse Art Cover photographed by Viktorija Pashuta

BasicFashion Photography & Editorial Spreads: 7 Days a Week by Viktorija Pashuta, City of Angeles by Nicolas Bets, Shape-Shifters by 2B+ Photo, Anna Knows by Maciej Boryna, Katastrophic by Nina Hawkins, Fake News by Domenico Donadio, Heart Theft Fashion by Bjorn Van Den Berg, High Priestess by John Blaine

BasicBeauty Splash by Ludovic Belmonte

BasicLookBooks  Besfxxk, Gudu

BasicArtists Mahboubeh Absalan, Jon Jaylo, Nikolaj Beyer, Amanda Rowan, Alex Gross, Lucio Carvalho, Klaus Enrique, BROWNCOFFEEMOKA, Different Bodies – Same Heart by Elisa Lee, Kelsey Beckett

BasicStills Divine Balance by Roberto Greco

BasicCharacters interview features:  Transrational Paradox Sebastian Siegel, Digital Avatars Binxie and Aliza

BasicDesigners Sun Woo, Shoedaism, Samuel Snodgras, Nism x jake Peak, Maximilian Rittler, Bjorn Van Den Berg

BasicMusic In the Flow with OMARION photographed by Blake Ballard, The Aces

BasicFashionIllustrations Seven Muses written by Ilia-Sabyl Sdralli with collages by Valeriya Manasaryan

BasicArticle The Future of Fashion Magazines by Ilia-Sabyl Sdralli

*** Based in Beverly Hills, California BASIC Magazine™ is a first-class visual and editorial publication that features carefully curated content with a strong independent voice, named ‘very clever and progressive fashion magazine’. Published quarterly, its pages are inspired by a blend of heroic artists, visual masterpieces and themes of strength that set the tone for each stylistic issue. It is a contemporary, elegant and inviting world that men and women can both relate to and aspire to be.