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SELFIE MUSEUM by Rachel Leone

In respect of the ‘Selfie Community’ every photograph was shot on an iPhone.

Words by Rachel Leone

Self-consumption and narcissism are two qualities that quickly give way to a negative afterthought, but in the digital age of 2018 where selfiesare dominating popular culture, I like to think of them more as documenting a version of yourself you love – by yourself!

To start, the term selfie defines the action of one snapping a self-portrait or an image including yourself with a group of people. An aesthetically pleasing, intriguing, minimal or fun environment often ties the initial subject and place together. The trend has infatuated people enough to have a museum devoted entirely to featuring its history and providing fifteen incredible, interactive exhibits. Welcome to The Museum of Selfies! Dress in something you love and leave any self-consciousness behind, because this space is curated for indulging in your own image. And don’t worry – a selfie stick is provided in the cost of admission.

To start your selfie journey, you voluntarily (and anonymously) slip a marble through a hole to cast a vote as to whether you love or hate selfies. Highlights include a recreation of Vincent Van Gogh’s bedroom, plush, life-size sushi and hamburgers for lounging, a groovy Volkswagen Bug, and a series of disorienting mirror rooms. There are also light-hearted recreations of fine art, such as the Mona Lisa holding an iPhone and a three-part series of the Michelangelo’s David posing and falling over – an allusion maybe to selfies claiming lives? The tour wraps up with a seat on the Throne of Selfies, and funny enough the gift shop comes complete with the book by the Queen of Selfies herself, Kim Kardashian.

For more information about visiting the Selfie Museum now through May 25th, click here.