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THE STATE OF ANARCHY by Marina Dean-Francis


Photography: Marina Dean-Francis  / @marinadeanfrancis

Stylist + Creative Director: Sue Fyfe-Williams / @stylistsfw

Makeup: Sophie Moore  / @sophiemooremakeup

Hair: Jason Paget / @padgehair

Nails: Julie Lee / @me_julielee

Postproduction: Mdf Retouching Studio / @mdfretouching

basic-magazine_marina-dean-francis_04basic-magazine_marina-dean-francis_02Tailored embellished bomber and leatherette pencil skirt – House of Sheldon Hall

basic-magazine_marina-dean-francis_03Tulle dress – Katrina Wilson, Fingersmith rings – Velvet Eccentric, Heels – Primark

basic-magazine_marina-dean-francis_05Corseted silk houndstooth jumpsuit – Lesley de Freitas, Spiked neck piece – Velvet Eccentric, Hiking boots – Asos

basic-magazine_marina-dean-francis_06Silk embellished jacket – Lesley de Freitas, Leatherette pencil skirt – House of Sheldon Hall, Jewellery – Biblos Glasgow

basic-magazine_marina-dean-francis_07 Celluloid dress – Polina Yakobson, Jewellery – Biblos Glasgow, Hiking boots – Asos

basic-magazine_marina-dean-francis_08 basic-magazine_marina-dean-francis_09T shirt – Marc Jacobs, Corset – MishiMay, Trousers – StylistSFW, Star neckpiece – Velvet Eccentric, Embroidered shoes – Kew

basic-magazine_marina-dean-francis_10 basic-magazine_marina-dean-francis_11 Graffiti dress – Polina Yakobson, Jewellery – Biblos Glasgow

basic-magazine_marina-dean-francis_12Leather dress – Polina Yakobson