Minimal Race

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minimal race basic magazine

The immobile  moves.  What moves It is what will be immobile. The body is the suicide of the Soul! the union will be the redemption.

Unite, separate, deconstruct. Imprisoning what this sensible, And liberate.  His body will be my, Your body is part of mine, all bodies will be equal, the future is the collective, the unequal becoming single….

Photographer Mauricio Noro

Assistant: Priscila wey

Art direction / styling  Jhoey chinalder

Direction executive Vivian kondo

Fashion production: jhoey and vivian

Beauty Vini Pedroso


leandro castrum

Seunghwa lee

Anderson lopes

Stefany park

Fabrizia barros

Estevão Oshima

location Mac usp (Museum of contemporary art)

special thanks sergio miranda museum director

Video maker Diego  quarenta e seis

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