ø by Yuting Min

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Both the photo shoot and the video are called “ø”, inspired from the collection concept. It’s aim to build magical and illusory scene, with the elements of “ surrealism”. The atmosphere and color works for creating mystery. The video is a story about an endless loop-“Infinity∞”. It start with the white-hair woman picking up and dropping the white ball and end with black-hair girl picking up the black ball. What happens next is the same story besides the black-hair woman was standing behind the white-hair women first then going to the front sitting position. The concept is that we see the black and white ball continuously changing as audience but the two women could only see one color of the ball in their own perception. The sound design in the video indicates they are in a twisted and misplaced space. For example, the sound of ball dropping on the table is the sound of falling into the water.