“A weekend in Bordeaux” by Braylen Brooks

I had the entire weekend to explore more than 2 thousand square feet in a luxury apartment suite  (roughly 200 meters) at Hôtel De La Trense, right in the heart of Bordeaux tucked away with the feeling of being exclusive and kept safe throughout the night!

This ultra luxury charming French apartment is decked from head to toe with so many different assets and history that you embrace immediately.

A Luxury Boutique accommodation at its finest! The millesime collection really knows how to make their guest feel right at home! they’ve mastered the ability to make you appreciate the “experience”

From the spa bath tub rose sippin’ to having tea on the roof of my luxury suite! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Normally when I pioneer my way through a new city I Like to check the most famous sites to see such as the city center , halls , statues, restaurants etc. But with a penthouse suite it was a bit difficult trying to leave that and go out into a cold city!

A lot of people that follow RLM always ask the famous question! “Do you have a personal photographer to travel with you on business adventures!?”

The truth is I don’t. I turn random  tourists into photographers and I tag them and give them photo credit when I upload the photos taken by them! It gives them a way to interact and be a part of something cool I’d like to think! and besides … who’d wanna travel around the world with someone just to be their photographer ..? Maybe it’s a thing ! But NO “Instagram boyfriend”

Luckily I didn’t have to invite a tourist in this Luxury French apartment suite! I had my fabulous friend who was able to capture me! He takes good direction and listens!

I’m good with composition and scaling! Editorial captures are my thing! I can make anyone a “photographer”

Check out some of the photos of “The Real Life Mannequin” bringing Hôtel De La Trense to life adding some American flare in a luxury authentic French habitat!

Bordeaux is definitely a city worth visiting more than once! In the summer perhaps! : )

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