ALVARO MARS | Lolita Under 81 Degrees

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@alvaro.mars | alvaromars.eu

Alvaro Mars is a European fashion brand that aims to create emotions through design—playing with volumes, materials, and colors while seeing fashion as a form of art without taking it too seriously. “Lolita Under 81 Degrees” is a love letter to all the women in his life that have influenced him in every possible way. Lolita is a concept. Lolita is a statement. Lolita is a cry for freedom. Since childhood, Mars has been nourished by the female figures around him, a source of prominent inspiration. From the grace to the guts, he has created a character that embodies all the values transmitted by his grandmother, a muse. Following his instincts as the only rule when creating, he has developed a capsule collection full of symbols and details that pay homage to his Mediterranean heritage. From the printed recycled leather to the color, Mars developed his hyperbolic aesthetic to a pure form where emptiness is no longer practical. Fashion is more than clothing. It is a means of transmitting a message. And with activism in mind, Mars wants to use his voice to speak up and stand up for freedom, love, and equality.