Influenced by the designs of Nathalia Gaviria, which were inspired Renaissance art & classic English fashion, Sarah Ellen photographed by the lake incorporating the use of the designers embellished face masks to reflect on our modern world. It was shot on both digital and film to combine the past with the present.

Fashion Designer: NATHALIA GAVIRIA, @nathaliagaviria,
Photographer: SARAH ELLEN, @sarahellenog
Female Model: KARIS DAWN, @karis.dawn
Stylist: NICOLE GILLS, @morningstarmoonchild
Wardrobe Stylist: DANI POBRE, @purplehairedstylist
Male Model: DANIEL GIBSON, @danieljamesdean
Female Model: NICOLE WHITTAKER, @nicolewhittaker

Layout & Design: Guadalupe Zaragoza, @_guadaochoa_