Camilla & Marc | Designer Spotlight

By Jessica Golich

Australian luxury label and siblings, Camilla & Marc, have morphed into the creme de la creme when it comes to softly tailored apparel coalesced into a mix of fashion and luxury that rings in the connotation of sophistication. After launching in 2003 at Australian Fashion week, Camilla & Marc have seen a gradual increase of growth which quickly boomed into celebratory status with curated collections showcasing androgynous elegance laced into timeless pieces that carry the allure of unexpectedly edgy haute couture. 

Exploring the subtle connection between restriction and openness with looks ranging from laid-back refinement to gala crowd pleaser’s is what keeps admirers on guard for what’s next with every collection that sets Camilla & Marc apart in the industry. The Aussie siblings Spring 2017 Ready-To-Wear carries their signature look of clean tailoring with trousers that are entirely epicene with fluid lines and sensuous materials that eliminates gender completely. 

What is your philosophy pertaining to the art of fashion?

We believe you must always offer something new and modern, whilst staying true to your brand’s message and listening to your customer’s needs. We are constantly inspired by art and commerce in order to have a successful business, we are fortunate to have different interests and hobbies, so we balance each other perfectly.

How do you balance creativity with commerce?

One of the privileges of working with a family member is that Marc and I have different strengths, which is why we work together as a team so well. I am more focused on the creative direction of CAMILLA AND MARC, where Marc is more involved with the business-oriented tasks of the business. However, we always consult each other and make important decisions together.