Cybernetics Look Book

By Lada Legina

3D Printed Jewelry Designer Lada Legina takes inspiration spanning from the colors of nature over the patterns and embroidery of traditional Ukrainian designs. The depth, literal and figuratively, of 3D Printed design keep offers new intricate details, and the more you look at the complex 3-dimensional textures, the more depth, and layers of detail reveal themselves.


STYLIST: Jennifer Féin @jennifer.fein
SET DESIGNER: Talon Mckee @hallowedtalons
3D PRINTED JEWELRY DESIGNER: Lada Legina @ladalegina
PHOTOGRAPHER: Lloyd Galbraith @lloydgalbraith
MUA & HAIR: Gabriella Mancha @iamgabriellamancha
MODEL: Lyena Kang @kitsuneghost