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BASIC: Describe this series in five words or less.

DORIAN WHO: Resilient, revolutionary, melancholic, cultural, collaborative. 

BASIC: If this collection had a theme song, what song would you select?

DORIAN WHO: “Darkest Hour” by Sevdaliza.

BASIC: What is the most important message you would like to share about your brand? 

DORIAN WHO: The most important message of our brand is to encourage people to style themselves as who they are, regardless of their age and gender. 

BASIC: What is the inspiration behind this collection? 

DORIAN WHO: This collection was inspired by a moment in time when I felt emotionally drained as a result of the current events surrounding my country of origin. As an act of defiance, this collection was created to showcase the beauty and resilience of Iranian culture, further contributing a new perspective to a story that has been told for millennia.

BASIC: What is your earliest memory of being introduced to the world of fashion design? 

DORIAN WHO: I remember when I was a child I used to look through all these fashion magazines that my father used to bring home from his business trips. I remember how amazed and inspired I was seeing all these beautiful women wearing colorful clothes. Growing up in a restricted environment, we didn’t really see women wearing bold colors. Whenever I look back to see where it all started, my mind goes straight back to those fashion magazines.  

BASIC: What experience in your life has made the most significant impact on your career? 

DORIAN WHO: In 2018, I decided to turn my personal style into a brand and even though it was a very risky decision to make and took a lot of hard work, I did it. That decision had the most significant impact on my career.

BASIC: Are there any other creative channels you use to express your creativity?  

DORIAN WHO: I love to dance and sing. I have been dancing since I was a little kid and that’s something that has always made me happy. Also, I recently started singing for myself and I feel singing for me is a great way of expressing myself. It’s like therapy.

BASIC: What does the word “stamina” mean to you?

DORIAN WHO: I am the founder and creative director of my own brand. In addition to that, I am also the face of DORIAN WHO. To me, “stamina” means pushing through the days and nights that I no longer have the energy or the motivation to keep going. It means to give in to the hard times as a means of growth and to only look to the future I envision for myself. It’s about never giving up on my dreams when all odds were against me.