Ieva Mezule | Designer Spotlight

Venture down the rabbit hole with Ieva Mezule’s mad creations.

Ieva Mezule’s collection transports us into an Alice In Wonderland, post-apoc- alyptic world where utopia is not out of reach. A reset of man, communicated through the larger than life pieces, a monochromatic color palette, and celestial designs; you feel something mystical though you’re not quite sure what it is.

Mezule’s creative process is one taken by a true artist, someone who designs to communicate a message rather than for kicks. She mentions that fashion, to her, is “painting and architecture;” that she sees form and space and then fills it with color, therefore understanding that there are fine lines between all the art forms, and she is dedicated to bridging the gap. BASIC takes notice that characters come to life in her designs, carrying out a life more perfect than ours, giving us hope through fashion.

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