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BASIC: What does your brand stand for and how is it unique?

IRA ICEBERG: I am interested in progressive design and aesthetics that challenge conventional notions of form, beauty, and function. The visual identity I have created for IA London is one of distinction and is driven by my preoccupation and experimentation with two key elements: form and imagery. I developed an interest in the notion of MA (negative space) and its impact on silhouette, like how the shape of the shoulders and hips transform the whole sculpture of the body. In addition, my former training in fine art and printmaking naturally led to the use of radical imagery on my garments. Their presence is not for decorative purposes, but rather to explore a narrative and tell a story. Combining these elements has led to the creation of a distinct visual identity that makes IA London stand out and it has gained the recognition and support of many leading fashion professionals and press.

BASIC: If you had to create a Red Carpet look from food, which products would you choose and why?

IRA ICEBERG: I would choose wild rice because it has beautiful colors and rice grains sort of look like natural beads.

BASIC: If you had to dress any cartoon character who would it be and why?

IRA ICEBERG: I would dress Emily from the Corpse Bride because I’m curious about designing a wedding gown.

BASIC: What has been the most memorable experience of your career?

IRA ICEBERG: The most memorable experience of my career has yet to come.

BASIC: If you could wear only one runway designer for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?

IRA ICEBERG: I would wear Yohji Yamamoto because wearing his clothes is easy.