Johna Stone SS 17 Clothing

Words by Sonam Naidu

Enriching the dawn of space-age Twiggy and the hypnosis of infinite repetition through the revolutionary mash up of sporadic stripes, irregular profiles and a balanced color story, Liangjian Shi – Johna Si sincerely dedicated herself to the splendor of her ‘Circle’ showcase. Born and raised in Xinjiang, Urumqi, China, the former BFA fashion design graduate from Parsons Paris flabbergasted guests at Saks Fifth Avenue for her foremost yet superbly fascinating thesis collection – a six look exhibit, paying all glory to the various shapes and volume fashioned from the simplicity of the endless sphere.

Jonah stone - basic magazine

Enthusiastically branding her imprint and remarkably sauntering her way into playing the game right – BASIC notes that the contemporary womenswear designer’s primary creations utilize the brilliance of her solo authenticity and the dominance of slashing and slaying the strategic stratagems of a single shape. Muses, disguised as Martians from outer space, seized the catwalk in diversified unity of MOD enthused PVC collars, pieces concealed voluptuous silhouettes and subtle feminine elements were integrated through exquisite pleats and prominent ruffles. Her honorable sweet treat for the peepers,and a BASIC favorite, were the stunning luxury shoes (next spread) manufactured and originated in Italy that strengthened every look, flaunted by her uber fresh connoisseurs triumphing over the runway. Although, the rightful luminosity which sincerely amplified Johna’s credibility as a first-hand designer was the prodigy brainwave skillfully concealed within each attire piece and her quirky, impressive shoes. Through the depth and appeal of her iconic first collection, prosperous kudo’s to Johna Shi on her immaculate creative vision and victoriously intersecting the beginning, middle and end of a circle.

Jonah stone - basic magazine

Shoe Polytechnique Sponsorship Award

Shoe Polytechnique Sponsorship Award is a collaboration between Parsons The New School For Design and Politecnico Calzaturiero in Italy. Winners receive the reward of having their own designed shoes made in Italy, as a pivotal component of our Thesis work

During the collaborating process, the designers and shoe makers work closely together in order to achieve the design and concept. On the first stage, the Italian team came to New York and brought prototypes to communicate with the designers. On the second stage, designers traveled to Italy to work with the team and gain knowledge of luxury shoe making process. Finally the six pairs of shoes arrived in New York as part of our Thesis Collection. It was such an honor to have won this competition, the experience was amazing, and I’m so proud of the final results.

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Designer Liangjian Shi 

Photography Daniel Roche | Justin Bridges | Daniel Li 

Makeup & Hair Kayleigh Hayes | Ashely Rebecca

Model Claire De Regge | Caitlin Durra

Design Mattia Xodo