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BASIC: What are the top three destinations are on your travel bucket list and why?

KYLE HO: This is a tough question as it is very difficult for me to just narrow it down to a top three. I love travelling to isolated locations in the middle of nowhere. However, if I have to list a top three, it would be the Maldives, Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia and Tromsø in Norway. I’m happiest when I can escape the hectic crowds of the city and get closer to nature.

BASIC: What Is your favorite inspirational quote or expression that you live by?

KYLE HO: To be perfectly candid, I try to avoid dwelling on what inspires me as I would rather be the one who inspires others. I constantly remind myself that as a creator, I should be a trailblaser in my industry and avoid being influenced by trends. I like to interpret and develop my aesthetic in my way and maintain my originality; I therefore live by my mantra of “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”

BASIC Which movie made you cry and which movie made you laugh?

KYLE HO: There are very few films that would make me cry, however an exception to this would be “Call Me By Your Name” a film directed by Luca Guadagnino. It’s a movie full of sorrow and unbridled joy and something I can relate to on a personal level, it is wonderfully cathartic and impactful. It is an evocative film that reiterates the beauty in experiencing the full spectrum of emotions and pursuing our desires. Conversely, a film that makes me laugh would be “About time” directed by Richard Curtis.

BASIC: What is the message you would like to share with the world on your brand? Or what your brand stands for?

KYLE HO: Personally, there are several messages I would like to share with the world. First of all, by choosing to specialise in menswear, a field dominated by old-fashioned rules and restricted by tradition, I intend to defy these deep-rooted norms to spearhead a movement of more liberal and unique styling for men. Furthermore, I want to emphasise the importance of taking precautions to reduce our environmental impact, this is a guiding principle that influences the structure of my business. Kyle Ho is a brand that operates on a pre-order system, with each garment made to order. This ensures that nothing is held in storage and no materials are wasted as the construction of a garment only commences once the customer has made a purchase. This helps ensure environmentalimpact is reduced, prevents waste of resources and urges customers to make a considered purchase.Put simply, the brand stands for equality and authenticity. While the brand was primarily conceived to specialise in menswear, I believe that my brand should be inclusive to all genders, with a focus on accentuating one’s physique, not their identities. Authenticity is preserved by interpreting and developing my design aesthetic in ways that I truly believe in, rather than letting extraneous influences guide my work. I create to express my vision, not to please others.

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