Words by Kimberly Haddad 

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BASIC: One House One Tree is a project that merges jewelry with sustainability. Tell us about the meaning behind this collection and what inspired you to bring it to life? 

LEONOR: The concept behind the “One House One Tree” collection is the need and urgency for a sustainable behavior. We need to accept the challenge of developing a sustainable and green initiative every day, and this collection has that mission. Every time we look at a “One House One Tree” ring or necklace, we inevitably talk about sustainable architecture, reforestation and respect for nature and the planet. Leonor Silva’s jewelry pieces always stand out for the strength of its messages, thus contributing to a more balanced society.

BASIC: When an artist develops an idea in their head, they typically have a very particular image that goes along with it. Did this line stay close to what you had originally envisioned or did it expand into something completely different?

LEONOR: When I thought of this collection I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted simplicity and geometric shapes, both inspired by sustainable houses in various parts of the world, including the U.S., Brazil, Vietnam and Japan. All selected architectural projects respect the environment and all the jewels have a golden tree that gives it subtlety and luxury. The need for this theme comes from a year when Portugal suffered from the scourge of forest fires and I felt I had to do something. I started a partnership with a reforestation company so that when a piece from the “One House One Tree” collection is purchased, a tree is planted and the customer receives information about the species and where it was planted.

BASIC: What quote represents your attitude for life?

LEONOR: “Stones in the way? I keep them all. One day I will build a castle.” Everything we live in turns into a powerful spoil that, in addition to giving us authenticity, allows us to build something that has a positive impact not only on us, but also on the world around us.

BASIC: What kinds of emotions or reactions do you hope people will have when viewing your collection?

LEONOR: The most important for me is always surprising. Getting people to talk about the collection’s theme and the authenticity of my work is very important. When this happens it is very rewarding and it is proof that the message is understood and valued. When clients look at my work they are dazzled not only with the beauty and technique of the pieces, but also with the concept. 

BASIC: If you could hide a secret message inside one of your pieces, what would it be and why? 

LEONOR: My piece “Memories Can Fly” is a pendant with a ring inside that can come out as if it were a bird. This would be ideal for keeping a secret message. The message would inevitably be related to our inexhaustible ability to be happy.

BASIC: Who or what are some of your biggest inspirations in terms of your creative endeavors? 

LEONOR: The Pop movement is very inspiring to me. Life offers me a very professional information guide while everyday banal objects have a lot of potential, simply by looking at them in another way and reframing them. As I develop my creative process, I end up joking around and getting emotional, resulting in fantastic work.

BASIC: Tell us about a collection or design you’ve always wanted to create, but still hasn’t become a reality.

LEONOR: I have a job that I really want to do that will portray the importance of celebrating the good things around us. It will be a work with color, volume and above all, impact, as it intends to celebrate life. However, as I am daily harassed by events and themes that I cannot resist, this project is still only in the design phase. All of pieces Leonor Silva Jewellery are entirely handmade, so they are completely exclusive and the production time doesn’t match the speed of my creativity.

BASIC: If a Genie were to grant you one wish what would it be?

LEONOR: A green world full of opportunities for everyone.

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