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The MARP woman is one who belongs to no one and no world – such is the plasticity of the design. Taking inspiration from the likes of Japanese architecture, sculptor Damon Hyldreth, and Gothic motifs (among many others), MARP elongates the female form right to the point of theatricality. The lookbook takes a moment to interrupt the severity of the silhouette with body contortion reminiscent of the expressivity of Marie Louise Fuller’s style of dance. The collection is at once sensual and graphic, and perfect for a woman not looking for one definition.

BASIC: In your opinion, how does clothing speak to heritage and identity?

Clothing speaks of a person’s identity when it is not in the foreground. We perceive them as one whole thing, we feel emotion and harmony from the image. Fashion is sensual anddoes not require words. Fashion unites, renews, and fills withcreative energy. That is why it is attractive to everyone. National traits give individuality and diversity to the main directions, which broadens the choice and enriches the general with particulars.

BASIC: Where have you traveled that has inspiredyour designs, and how can we see it reflected?

Unfortunately, I travel a little, since I work a lot on the brand and performances. But I have unforgettable inspiration by Florence in Italy. I lived there for 3 years. Great architectural buildings,with their power, beauty, proportions, are always reflected in my work. The love of vintage is always in my outfits. I prefer tobuy fabrics that have their history of about 15-60 years; they have retained their quality and passed through time. For me it is indispensable. Even if we make a print, it is printed on fabrics with history.

BASIC: If you could only visit one other country again (besides your own), which would you choose and why?

I really want to visit Japan. For me it’s a mystery and a secret. I like to touch everything I do not know. I dream to see everything with my own eyes, and touch it with my own hands. I’m sure this will bring me powerful inspiration.

BASIC: Would you rather swim with the dolphins or dive with the sharks?

I prefer to dive with the sharks.

BASIC: What classic film would you love to seeremade with your designs?

Evil Under the Sun, 1982.

BASIC: What is your ideal way of traveling and why?

I love thinking up a trip two days before departure. And then I really have a rest and meet fabulous people and I’m open to the whole world. And I come back with incredible an vibe, which gives me strength for the whole season.

BASIC: Which country’s street style is most appealing?

France. I like their spontaneity, courage in choosing textures and fabrics. There is a feeling that people develop their own style, their uniqueness, from childhood. And I really like when the black color looks elegant and carefree.

BASIC: If you could hold a fashion show on any national monument or world wonder, what would you choose?

Goetheanum, which is the world center of the Anthroposophical Movement, located in the Swiss city of Dornach and named after Goethe.


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