DUNYAH| Designer Spotlight

Sleek, black and futuristic design captivates the world of men’s fashion in Mustafa Wafa’s latest line for DUNYAH. The edgy, ready- to-wear brand designer created the line from a vision that had come to him in 2003, when he was broke, homeless and down on his luck.

“In order to even survive during those times I would travel back and forth from Washington DC to New York with two of my surrogate brothers and bring back articles of clothing to hustle.” Wafa stated.

Fast forward to 2016 and the successful designer presents us with a new collection he calls “a mixture of street and high end wear.” DUNYAH gives the city man a wearable line which incorporates high-end, handpicked fabrics and threads that tie in the garment look of classic and modern aesthetics. Someone that’s cool, sleek and classy with a little bit of edge. An individual who is not afraid to make a statement or be just be himself.



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