Nobi Talai

By Jessica Golich

Berlin-based designer and EsMod Berlin alumni, Nobieh Talaei, showcases the depth of her expertise with a fresh juxtaposition between the femininity of traditional couture and the masculinity of modern androgyny within her AW 2016/2017 collection.

Born in Iran in 1978, Talaei caught the fashion bug early, dabbled in luxury fashion management positions and cut the 9-5 loose in 2015 to create her own world of timeless fashion that showcases the necessity for constant reinvention. 

Talaei has carved out a clear niche that plays out in clean-cut, loose, fitted or rigid looks inviting easy-going, round-the-clock elegance. The starkness of black along with the seductive yet modest presentation of white calls for a combination of inspiring look book looks delivering a touch of illumination that invites celebration.

Through textures and cuts inspiring a profound connection to the body and glorifying the usage of strong silhouettes to curate a minimalistic sophistication, Nobi Talai’s tastefully modern appeal will keep your eyes focused on the classic touch of femininity oozing from multi-racial models sporting contemporary pieces stirring up all of the talk on the catwalk.