For some time we have followed this very cool, time consuming, yet powerful independent film project called The12Project founded by Hadi Mousally.

It’s 12 Months, 12 Fashion Films, 12 Editorials, 12 Fashion Designers, 12 Models and 12 Themes. W.O.W!

Hadi chatted with BASIC via email and this is what they have to say:

We started in March with Manish Arora followed by Julien fournié etc... to work lately with Isabel Marant, Diane Pernet in Dries Van Noten  and we will end  in February with Jean Paul Gaultier.
As you can see on the site, it's one minute movie each month, but at the end of the cycle, all 12 films will merge to give birth to one movie of 12 minutes. Because each film is independent technically, but when we merge all of them, we will see a guiding thread in between and realize that all of them are inter-dependant. More than that, you will see each month a SPIN OFF Editorial.

In 1st of March they are planning to do an exhibition in Paris with the 12 minutes Fashion Film and all 12 Editorials. And after do the exhibition worldwide.

Check out the films these talented kids have created so far!


Synopsis: Is there life before life?

Theme of the month : The Woman
The first of a series of twelve short fashion films, BORN evokes the theme of birth. The first production of The12Project focuses on the miracle of life and those who have been bestowed with the power to bring it into the world: womankind.

Fashion Designer: Manish Arora, Furniture Designer: Vitra, Model: Laetitia Eïdo


Synopsis: What are the origins of the senses?

Theme of the month : The Senses
NARCISSUS is the second film from The12Project’s series of short fashion films and revolves around the senses. The ephemeral cry that concluded BORN heralds The12Project into an exploration of the senses as we take our first steps of our existance.

Fashion Designer: Julien Fournié, Model: Deila Vogur, Accessories: Laura Girbal, Marine Henrion


Synopsis: What is the position of individual freedom in a surveillance society?
Theme of the month : The Politics
LIVE is the third film of The12Project series. After the nascent BORN and the curious exploration of the senses in NARCISSUS, LIVE questions individual freedom in society. The freedom to live one’s life in harmony with the perpetual gaze of politics.

Fashion Designer: Maison M.Marceau, Model: Anonymous,  Accessories: Sacco Baret, Pierre-Francois Rousseaux


Synopsis: What place does beauty hold in our society?

Theme of the month : The Beauty
Following the political questions raised in LIVE, KULESHOV focuses on the subjectivity and polysemy of beauty. By toying with the concept of perspective and with a succession of images in the style of Kuleshov, The12Project pays tribute to the filmmaker in an attempt to capture the very essence of beauty itself and convey the emotions that are synonymous with it.

Fashion Designer: Charlie Le Mindu, Model Adina


Synopsis: Can love conquer all?
Theme of the month : The Love
FALL echoes KULESHOV, because beauty is naturally connected to love. To be in love is to seize an ultimate beauty. The oneiric tone present in FALL is an attempt to convey the feeling of falling in love. Its light-headedness, its glory, its drive.

Fashion Designer: Andrea Crews, Model: Bonni Miller


Synopsis: Is mankind compatible with nature?

Theme of the month : The Environment
Love lifts us high. Returning to earth can be an abrupt experience. But one that awakens us to stop and take an unfettered look on life. The very nature of life. Be it wild or civilised, transitory or sedentary, we all are vital components of nature. Between sky and earth, we must endeavour to co-exist with the elements. To live in symbiosis with the ever-changing forces of nature.

Fashion Designer: Bowie Wong, Model Raffaella Napoli


Synopsis: How can we define man?

Theme of the month : The Man
When man can stop for a moment, looking at his environment, his desire with every step starts moving in harmony with elements. Between sky and earth, the sea and the wind intermingle, flit, hug and gently return to their natural position. The sky makes the wind dances with the sea that swings, rushed to caress the earth. And what if man, in his essential nature, was simply a reflection of these living elements?

Fashion Designer: Icosae, Model: Thomas Lagreve, Poetry: RJ Arkhipov


Synopsis: Do we define art? Or does it define us?

Theme of the month : The Art
For millennia, humanity’s unanswered questions have been the life force of art. Art is an entity as ungraspable as the questions it struggles to answer. It is in man’s search for these answers, in the cathartic nature of creation, that he comes to be defined by the very universe he crafted to find his answers

Fashion Designer: Dries Van Noten, Model: Diane Pernet,
Illustrations: Fabien Ghernati


Synopsis: Who do i haunt?
Theme of the month : The Identity
Drawing inspiration from Nadja, André Breton’s novel that explores the theme of identity and opens with the line “Qui hante-je ?” (Who do I haunt?), we came to a conclusion: Our lives are green screens. We are locked within them. Bound to play the starring role in a story that has been written for us by the piercing gaze of society. We can allow ourselves to be haunted and defined by the backdrop or we can take the chroma key and unlock the true self within.

Fashion Designer: Isabel Marant, Model: Rei Shaffer, Jewelry: Satellite, Shoes: Apologie


Synopsis: Is blood thicker than water?
Theme of the month : The Family
In The12Project December production Cherish, we have chosen to explore the dark side of the family with a particular focus on the interplay between societal expectations and the need to present a polished façade of our kin. In a society obsessed with filtering reality to render it more aesthetic and at a time of year where keeping up appearances reaches a climax, we have sought to tackle the picture-perfect representation of the family. No family is perfect and the family we choose is of no less importance than the one we are born into. Whether yours closely resembles the idyllic, airbrushed one on the cereal packet or not, we implore you cherish those you choose to call family.

Womenswear Designer: Sergio Daricello, Female Model: Nala Luna Diagouraga, Jewelry: Saskia Diez, Shoes: Maison Ernest, Art Homeware: Ligne Blanche Paris, Furniture Designer: Vitra,
Menswear Designer: L’Apièceur, Male Model: Zelig Wilson





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