U.P. – Regards Prod. CashmoneyAp

The title of the track is called Regards.  It draws heavy influence from the environment of the Godfather relative to the internal conflict between what you should do vs. what you want to do.  I imagined what it would be like if those movies tackled a very plausible situation in which somebody like Luca Brasi was told to kill somebody he loved and the inner turmoil that would have occurred.  In a more relatable context, the emotion you feel when you know you need to “kill” somebody off emotionally (aka make them dead to you) so that they (or you because of that person’s presence in your head) don’t make your life even more painful, but struggling to do so when it comes down to it because of what they mean to you.

The track was intended to embody confusion and the helplessness of not knowing what to do, in every sense.  I wanted people to want to move to the song but start feeling slightly uncomfortable when they really started delving into the themes.  The verses were inspired by a trip to NYC where I fell in love with its beauty and energy yet felt empty because I wasn’t able to share that surreal-ish experience with somebody that I cared about.  Ultimately I want people to be able to listen to the track when they just want to be alone, do their make up to, climb furniture at parties and forget life to, record an acoustic cover in the bathroom to, and maybe even one day soundtrack a runway show as well. I’m sure you can see the heavy influence of art, fashion, design, and all things that catch the eye and wrench the heart.  I’ve always hoped my music could be used to help other people create even if its just in the background!




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