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BASIC: What are the top three destinations are on your travel bucket list and why?

YARDEN FARAGIAN: The three destinations I would like to visit are surely Japan, Paris and Mexico. I think any designer can be inspired by Japanese aesthetics and cultures. Paris is the place for every fashion lover and eater the two things that go well together on a trip abroad.Mexico has a rich culture that includes in its history the painter Frida Kahlo who has inspired me many times during my studies.

BASIC: What Is your favorite inspirational quote or expression that you live by?

YARDEN FARAGIAN: What goes around comes back around.

BASIC Which movie made you cry and which movie made you laugh?

YARDEN FARAGIAN: The movie that made me cry is the Netflix mini-series “When They See Us.” The movie that will always make me laugh is “50 First Dates.”

BASIC: What is the message you would like to share with the world on your brand? Or what your brand stands for?

YARDEN FARAGIAN: My designs will always be influenced by the house I grew up in, and by the fact that I am a twin and a half inseparable clutch for good and sometimes also challenging. The color palette in my collection is inspired by the environment I grew up in, Moshav (village) in northern Israel.