BASIC Magazine™ is an international fashion publication based in Beverly Hills, California. It is a first-class visual and editorial publication that features carefully curated content with a strong independent voice. BASIC Magazine showcases the work of emerging and established artists and creatives, and it is known for its innovative and captivating approach to fashion, art, and culture.

Published quarterly, BASIC Magazine is a coffee table book that is meant to be savored and enjoyed. Its pages are filled with stunning visuals and engaging articles that cover a wide range of topics, including fashion, beauty, art, music, and film. Each issue is inspired by a blend of heroic artists, visual masterpieces, and themes of strength that set the tone for the stylistic content.

BASIC Magazine is a contemporary, elegant, and inviting world that both men and women can relate to and aspire to be. It is a publication that celebrates diversity, individuality, and creativity. The magazine is known for its high-quality production values, its exceptional photography, and its innovative design. It is a publication that is as beautiful to look at as it is thought-provoking to read.

The team behind BASIC Magazine is dedicated to showcasing the best of the best in the fashion industry. They work tirelessly to uncover emerging talent and to promote established artists who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in fashion, art, and culture. The magazine is a platform for creativity, a place where artists and creatives can come together to collaborate, inspire, and innovate.


Take the beauty of screen siren Sophia Loren and mix it with the sense of humor of Albert Einstein, add a dozen pink ninjas, a pinch of Andy Warhol, stir in a little Salvador Dali, pour in a good amount of Giorgio Armani and finally top it off with a garnish of delicious social media influencers and you get BASIC.

It is a powerful platform that highlights the most creative and inspiring projects in fashion, photography and art. But most importantly BASIC Magazine TM  thrives to generate new and exciting content collaborating with the world’s best fashion designers, stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists, writers and artists.


  1. At BASIC we encourage the flow of imagination. If you are mainstream, maybe BASIC is not for you
  2. Women are always right. Period.
  3. Any voice is respected and has the right to be heard. Unless it is a very annoying one.
  4. At BASIC we don’t think outside the box, we invented it for those, who like to think in solitude.
  5. We always put the person first before the clothes. If we like who you are, we may see if we like what you wear.
  6. BASIC Fashion is about stories that are told through clothes and accessories, not vice verse
  7. BASIC is for the people by the people. It’s not for zombies or haters.
  8. We don’t feature those personalities who have big ratings, but because we think they are cool and did make a difference. If those people happen to have good ratings – even better.
  9. BASIC may not be for everyone. But we salute those who join us in this quest.
  10. At BASIC rules are meant to be broken as we strive to find the path to your REAL you.
  11. We don’t like lies. Be blunt and honest, we can take the pain.
  12. The side effects of using BASIC may be the social media sharing… But that’s OK with us
  13. If you have it, you deserve. We will find you. Or you can always shamelessly email us.
  14. Yes it is big effort to try not to be BASIC . But we are not afraid of working hard.
  15. You still reading this? You are so BASIC.
  16. At BASIC we’ll do our best to sleep less and enjoy life more by creating more astonishing content. Because we really need more visitors, more shares, more comments, so we can get bigger traffic, more clients, more money to build a better, thicker magazine… And also to visit Machu Pichu…