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So Wild With Thomas Wylde

 By Yael Reed W.

Creative director Jene Park stays true to deep-rooted luxury line while introducing a presentation of ‘Warrior II’

Who is she? She is ‘Warrior II’. A sophisticated, modern-day woman who seduces the trend culture in Thomas Wylde’s A/W 17’ Collection.

Loyal to the brand’s aesthetic, Creative Director, Jene Park mesmerizes longtime fans and viewers during the Style Fashion Week, LA showcase. Officially bringing the show to life, Dorthy’s ‘Wicked Ones’ blares from the venue’s speakers and bounces off the white backdrop. The music echoes sounds that narrate the designs to their intended audience.


Once revealed, the fierce new additions being incorporated into the deeply-rooted luxury line, captivate. As tribute to the women who inspire the brand, the line is imbued with a display of embellished and distressed denim, bell statement sleeves and a pleated shorts combo. Chiffon tops accessorized by huge bows are paired with finely tailored jackets detailed in fringe, gold buttons and fur.

The meat and potatoes of the collection are the well-constructed black staple pieces defined by leather. Scrunched, pleated and manipulated, the constructed texture adds variety and dimension. Park is able to present a simple artistic design and create a complex overall sleek, intense look.

Still, the collection acquires traces of femininity — cream and pink pastels — effortlessly entwined and layered in, without losing cohesion. A standout staple piece is a chic, white, charmeuse shift dress, also in black. Scattered prints and patterns also add a feminine touch and offer an array of separates for shoppers to mix and match.

The show is over just as quickly as it has begun, after an outpouring of fifteen custom-styled looks that bookend the collection. A gracious Park follows the finale on the runway. She blows kisses and waves to her guests, including VIP attendee, Nicole Scherzinger.