A Little Dose of Dossier: When a High-end Perfume Doesn’t Break the Bank


There it is, your favorite icon wearing a stunning outfit advertising their latest perfume. You search for it on your phone because “you have to have it” of course. Only to be amazed by the price tag. Is smelling unforgettable always that expensive? At Dossier, the answer to that is no.

Based in New York, Dossier perfumes are rich with phenomenal scents sourced from the perfume capital of the world, Grasse, France. Delicious aromas of acqua di gioia dupe perfume, honeysuckle, vanilla, green verbena, floral marshmallow, and gourmand orange blossom are a few of their luscious scents – that are handcrafted and coddled in an environmentally friendly classic round bottle.

Each fragrance belongs to 1 of 15 scent families from amber, fruity, powder, spicy and everything in-between. Much like the planet, each fragrance is unique and carefully blended with the safety of the environment in mind. With no use of plastic, each package is made from 100% recyclable material and the bottles are 100% recycled glass – without recycling we destroy natural habitats, increase pollution, and overfill landfills.

When discovering your new fragrance, it’s important to find the right scent that fits who you are. A great perfume for your person should be created with care, good for you and good for the planet. Every fragrance is vegan, eco-friendly, paragon free, cruelty free and 100% non-toxic allowing you to indulge in the product without the guilt.

Believing that we are the rulers of what goes on our bodies, Dossier leaves the power in your hands, as every order is 100% risk free. You can order your perfume of choice, try it, if you want something a little spicier or more subtle you can return it within 30 days- no questions asked. People all over the world want nothing more than to break the rules of society and find their voices.

The beauty about today is the embarkment of journeys through all types of people as they dismantle labels – and break free from boxes that have held them captive. Dossier perfumes are more than just a fragrance – they’re an asylum to those who desire to be heard. Every spritz of releases liberation of expression as to who you are – eccentric, sexy, smart, and undefinable without breaking the bank.

Created for those who feel overlooked and underappreciated but still value their morals and the beauty of the world around them. Dossier knows how easy it is to get lost behind the scenes and wrapped up in everything but the thing you truly desire. It’s our time to say goodbye to the days of feeling lost and being left behind. It’s time to take a bold step into our brightest destiny – that’s one spray away.