Design YUVAL STEINFELD @yuvisteinfeld
Photographer TAL BRUSHEL @tal_brushel
Model DAPHNA LUKATCH for ESPM @daphnalukatch
Hair & Makeup GITLA BRUSHEL @gitla_brushel
Poems from Quarantine by DEVON HUNT, Volume I + II

Blue in Green is a concept created around the relationship between man and nature and how it feels to live at peace within the bounds of mother earth in our ever-evolving world.
The Womenswear collection introduces a multi-cultural collaboration with a group of female embroiderers from the Druze congregation, an Arabic-speaking minority in Israel. From oversized silhouettes to nature-inspired color palettes and embroidery, each garment is created using sustainable textiles and closed loop materials that correspond with the circular design method. Cultivating a mindful design approach and encouraging a critical change within the fashion industry, the Blue in Green collection has received a Made in Green Certification by OEKOTE and continues to emphasize the importance of preserving our biosphere.

A hawk hunched, patient, staunch
upon a bobbing branch, sat and watched.
Until the urge to catch a draft,
jumped off its perch[/ledge] and drifted up.
And with the wind wound the air,
to make a smudge upon the sun.

Dawn may begin your will;
let it glow upon the world.
Your word shall echo,
your form shall bear shadow,
your step impress the earth,
as it for urge would mark its path.

Horizon orange an hour
or more, darkened
from root to stem,
[as] the void trickled in.
Not a star speckled
in the [then] green sky
until there was
low on the horizon
a white sharpened
to a point so disparate
[[to environment]] it measured
everything against itself

Where the hills fractured he sat,
watched his shadow descend further
where stilled it stood and waited.
As disassembled whole vales
in slow descent, he rested
attempting to mimic its patience.
To number the grasses
without counting, for senses
having noticed every stem.
Listened to the close about,
and heard that echoed distant
as it crept up and spoke aloud