VALENTINO @maisonvalentino

Valentino’s heritage has always been associated with the ideas of purity, optimism and a strong sense of inclusion. Pierpaolo Piccioli’s work for Valentino further elaborates on an elegant extravagance that invites everyone to the majestic celebration that is high fashion. Preciousness and purity of the form collide as a daydream that works not as escapism, but as the sublime idea of living in the moment. Voluminous dresses in strong, symbolic colors such as fuchsia and red offer a unique view to the world of couture, a world where the richness of materials and decor merge into one another—becoming emotions of the truest form.

GEORGES HOBEIKA @georgeshobeika

Georges Hobeika’s universe is one of couture grandeur, flamboyant silhouettes and colorful sparkling details. An exotic color palette is masterfully merged with radiant and glowing details following the remarkable sense of refinement that characterizes the designer’s Fall/ Winter collection. His women are birds of paradise: elegant, oneiric and full of sensuality as they move through the volumes of organza and taffeta. An artful symbolic blossoming that draws attention to the collection’s elegant details and stunning craftsmanship. This is couture that is youthful—almost too cool—yet utterly fierce.

JULIEN FOURNIÉ @julienfournie

Passion and purple, witchcraft and sensuality, goth and couture. Julien Fournié’s dresses are a true work of art. Strong, dramatic colors and refined silhouettes invite viewers into a magical world of beauty where possibilities are endless. His strong sense of design delivers a genius approach on modern couture—one filled with minimalistic elegance and subtle prestige. Elaborate hats in a composition of feathers by Maison Julien Vermeulen further amplify the idea of old fashioned glamour, sensuality and elaborate exhibitionism—everything that couture should be.

STÉPHANE ROLLAND @stephanerolland_paris

Stéphane Rolland’s work has always been in the defense of expense. Protraying fashion design as both an art and a craft, the designer embarks on a personal journey full of icons, sirens and muses that shape his unique vision. With an emphasis on black and white, volume and contrast, elaboration and detailing, he breathes new life into haute couture using crepe, satin and georgette embellished with rhinestones and classy corals. This collection is built on several influences with vibrant hats emphasizing the expressive qualities of each woman’s face. Bustiers with meticulous embroidery of pearls and sequins present the creators obsession for the best of materials for a rare yet refreshing aesthetic.