by Jessica Golich
Labels and restrictions create an existence lived out through the confines of an internal prison; creativity in the fashion world is boundless, transcendent, and kaleidoscopic.

Self-proclaimed hotshots who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk are a joke, and Nicopanda is a brand that has taken off the precarious cloak and created a vibrant and rich fashion world of their own.

Celebrating the complexity and diversity of the human race, Nicopanda has stepped out of neatly fixated boxes and welcomes the idiosyncratic and obscure with their off-kilter style that is receptive to all.

Giving power to the fearless and independent thinkers through bold imprints of empowering words throughout their ‘Passport’ line, Nicopanda stands out from the crowd, loves every inch of you and isn’t slightly afraid to get down with representing equality for all.