Rodarte x Fred Segal | Back To The Future

by Marissa Williams

On August 6th, Made and Rodarte hosted an incredible 80’s themed event that was filled with all the goods! They had cotton candy machines and personalized claw machines with your favorites 80’s essentials such as scrunchies, rubrics cubes, and slinkys. In Fred Segal’s pop up, you saw every 80’s teenage dream set up! It was fully equipped with Madonna posters and mixtapes, and while the section was made up of golden oldies, the line included futuresque qualities. Each tag had a QR code attached that told about various steps in the production process. 

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – AUGUST 01: Laura Mulleavy and Kate Mulleavy attend MADE Rodarte Event Presented By Mastercard at Milk Studios on August 01, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for MADE)

Later in the night, the girls treated us to a runway show to reveal their new collaborate capsule that featured artwork by Mari Eastman. Following the runway show, was a lively upbeat roller skating dance that got the whole crowd roaring in excitement! As if the night couldn’t get more exciting, the girls finished the night with live entertainment from Susanna Hoff of The Bangles! 

The girls put on one heck of a party, but it’s not the party that drew the people in. It was loyalty. One woman, their very first customer to be accurate, stated that she has been with the girls for 15 years. This customer is almost the same age as the Mulleavy sister’s parents and they often spend time together in personal settings. When asked what has kept her a loyal customer, the answer was simple,

“I love their clothes, but those girls are just the absolute sweetest.”

I asked Laura Mulleavy what kind of legacy she wants to leave behind, and she said

“I want to keep going. I have no agenda or legacy in mind. I’m just going to keep going”.

It’s safe to assume that some of the best legacys are ones that aren’t planned. You just need to stay consistent and keep going. 

You can find all these 80’s vibes to be sold now at Fred Segal until August 14th and of course, their website.