10 Questions with DJ Carnage

Words by Courtney Wilkins

Stylist K+D STYLES

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Diamanté Anthony Blackmon, AKA Carnage, is a Guatemalan-American DJ and record producer responsible for some of the hottest tracks and memorable performances in the EDM scene. With his latest release of “Hella Neck”, featuring Tyga, Shoreline Mafia and Takeoff, we talked to the artist about his certified banger, travel and the proudest moment of his career.

BASIC: Tell us about your latest track, “Hella Neck”.

Carnage: After releasing a bunch of dance records and all different types of music over the past year, I wanted to give my hip-hop fans a certified banger. The aim here was to bring together a bunch of my friends on one record. Everything that Tyga touches right now is a hit, Shoreline Mafia’s sound was a perfect fit for the beat, and Takeoff brings the song to a whole new level! Can’t wait for people to bang it out with this one. 2020 here we come!

BASIC: Who would you love the opportunity to collaborate with in the future and why?

Carnage: Ooof, I feel like DaBaby and I would whip up some fire, but honestly, I really want to work with so many people. I told Mike Tyson a few months ago on his podcast that I want to make something with Eddie Murphy, and I do.

BASIC: Tell us one thing you want your fanbase to know about you that no one really knows.

Carnage: I guess people really don’t get how involved I am with the issues going on at the border. I’ve recently become a RAICES ambassador, I started a new immigration awareness clothing line called Border Control and I am working on a new campaign to get everyone involved on a massive level.

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BASIC: What was the last song you listened to?

Carnage: “Everything We Need” by Kanye West.

BASIC: In what ways have you grown over the past few years?

Carnage: I took some time from touring and even producing for a few months towards the end of 2018 because I wasn’t in the right headspace. I was drained—not gonna lie—and it really got to me. I took time to travel the world at my own pace and reflect. I needed to reset and come back firing with new music, a new brand, a new vibe and most importantly, a new me.

BASIC: What was the most challenging aspect of becoming Carnage?

Carnage: Carnage is my dream. I’ve loved music since I was a little boy and it’s still unfolding. When Carnage was born I was only 20, but more importantly, the whole genre of trap music was only really just beginning too. The music I was making didn’t really have a place in the industry, which threw me for many loops when 20-year-old me was trying to not only define his sound and his brand, but to also define who Diamanté Blackmon was as a person.

BASIC: What is the greatest advice you have been given thus far?

Carnage: I think it may be kind of cliché at this point, but I like the expression “1 + 2 = 4” because it shows that life doesn’t need to be systematic or defined by an equation. You can be your own person, break all odds and do what you want to do. In my case, follow your dreams and become the American dream.

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BASIC: What is the proudest moment of your career?

Carnage: I don’t know if this is my proudest moment ever, but towards the end of my set in Thailand, at RARE Bangkok, which is one of my own festival series, I broke down into tears. The event sold 10,000 tickets and to see and feel how much love was in the air for not only my set, but for my festival brand in a country thousands of miles away from the United States is just mind boggling. It brought me to tears.

BASIC: Describe Carnage in four words.

Carnage: Creator, Entrepreneur, Passionate, Loud.

BASIC: What’s your least favorite trend in the music industry right now?

Carnage: Xanax.

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