By Kristle Jones

Photographer // Viktorija Pashuta
Creative Production // James Arnett
Styling // Dalit Gwenna
MUA // Nicole Walmsley
Hair Stylist // Creighton Bowman @ Tracey Mattingly
Intern // Cory

Black Dress: Zeynep, Jewelry: Luv AJ, Shoes: Topshop

Danielle Panabaker is an aspiring young actress that takes her role as an inspiration for young females seriously. The beautiful actress, whom can be seen starring in The Flash, and philanthropist also donates her time to Art of Elysium, a program that is dedicated to caring for children in need with creative outlets.

Danielle, you started your career immediately after you graduated high school at the age of 14. What drove you to want to act at such a young age?
I was involved in community theater first, which I loved, and it inspired me to keep going. I’ve always loved being on set and collaborating with other artists, and that’s what I enjoy most about my job.

It sounds like you still have some young fans. Speaking of which, congratulations on your Teen Choice Award nomination! How did it feel to be a nominee this year?
I was so flattered to be nominated! I am grateful that people respond to the show and to my character.

Many celebrities deal with criticism on a daily basis from all different directions. With such young fans looking up to you, how do you handle it?
Is your instinct to retract and hide or do you consider it part of the job? One day at a time. Criticism does come with the job; for me it is about finding my truth and following that, regardless of what other people say.

Your career has evolved so much since you first started with Disney.Fans have seen you morph from a young star into a sophisticated actress in series such as Bones and The Flash. Your career seems to be ever changing. Do you find that your personal interests and styles have followed suit?
Thank you – I love that I have gotten to play so many diverse roles and been exposed to so much. My interests and styles definitely shift as I learn. I love being able to try new things with different characters. And I love finding the “look” of a character and learning about new designers.

Speaking of style, what would you consider your own personal style to be?
My style is fairly classic with a little sex appeal. I also love a good mini skirt.

You moved from sunny SoCal to a much colder climate in Vancouver to shoot The Flash. What are your cold weather style staples?

How do you find time to give back? I have heard that you enjoy working with non-profits like Art of Elysium…
I love working with Art of Elysium – volunteering specifically with children has always been a passion of mine. The programs at Art of Elysium are so organized and well-run, and since I have been working with them for so many years, I can pop in and go to a hospital whenever I have time off.

And one more, just for fun. If you were stranded on an island what would be your three BASIC beauty items?
Moisturizer, lip balm, and sun screen.

Dress and Jacket: Bishop + Young, Jewelry: Luv AJ, Shoes: Topshop