BASIC Issue 20: Hannah Stocking

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Ashland, Oregon is known best for its infamous Shakespeare Festival, but contemporary theatre and playwrights aside, the town was also home to one of the most influential and humorous women of the 21st century, Hannah Stocking.

Holding the life-long dream of becoming a doctor, Stocking never imagined establishing a career centered around making others laugh. But as she entered into high school, her aspirations gradually evolved as she became more in tune with her inner self. Realizing the power in humor and the immense connection that could be fostered in these special moments, Stocking began creating skits for the popular crowds on campus. Garnering immediate attention from a diversity of students, she continued to expand her craft by filming comedic videos with an old school camcorder and kept her eye on the prize.

Fresh off Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out stage where she delivered her comedy and rapping chops against some of the best freestylers on television, Stocking is in the midst of creating more content and winning the hearts of fans across the country—one smile at a time, of course.
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How does a woman go from living in the small, artsy town of Ashland, Oregon to becoming one of the biggest names on social media?

It was a big transition living in Ashland to now. When I was living in Ashland there wasn’t a path to becoming an influencer and creator. I didn’t have that option. I fell in love with creating content and I just stuck to it because I have amazing friends around me and a solid work ethic. Life is insane that way. There I was growing up in a hippie town and in 10 years I’m doing this.

You spoke about originally wanting to pursue a career as a doctor. What led you to changing your path and becoming an influencer?

My friends and family also played a big role in my inspiration to do this for a living. In terms of my work ethic, my parents and friends are my biggest motivators.

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It’s no secret that you are best friends with Lele Pons, another queen in the comedy realm. Where did you develop your talent for comedy?

You know, I spoke to Lele about this too and she went through something similar. We were both bullied in high school and when I was in school, the popular kids would always ask me to make them laugh. So, to get their attention, I would. I practiced that way. I also started making home videos and remade music videos with my sister. So, I’ve actually been creating since I was 10 years old.

If you could give your younger self advice, what would you tell her?

To not care what anyone thinks and to do what makes her happy, to always know that it gets better, and everything always works out.

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Throughout our lives we have really good days and other days that just seem to flop. How do you handle yourself in those uncomfortable moments?

I got this advice when I was younger—very cliché but—everything works out when it’s supposed to work out. I heard this so much that it became repetitive. There was a point when I didn’t even believe it. But it’s true. It always works out. I make sure to take constructive criticism to help me grow and I never let it set me back.

I watched you handle yourself quite well during a performance on one of the biggest improv competitions of television, Wild ‘N Out. Were you nervous?

I was so nervous! I come from a place of skits and recorded acting. If I mess up, I can redo it, you know? But the show is live and that made me even more nervous. During the freestyle battle, I remember I had a few bars, but I don’t remember what I said or how I did. That’s how nervous I was. I was filled with adrenalin. People on the show told me I did really good, and I was like, no, wait, but what did I say? I don’t remember!

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Between television and social media, what would be your ultimate dream job and collaboration?

I love Jim Carey and Jennifer Aniston. Those two are my idols and they would be my dream collabs. As far as my dream job, I’m lucky enough to live it now, every day. I wake up every day and I can’t believe that this is real life, that my career is all about making people laugh. I’m the type of person who can’t just do one thing. I need to have my hands on many different things at once. So, as long as I keep acting, hosting, and maybe adding other business ventures down the line, that would be the ultimate dream.

When you participated in the MLB All-Star Celebrity Softball Game, your stance was very pro-like. Did you play sports while growing up?

Thank you! And yes, I did. I was very active. I played soccer while growing up and then during high school and college I also played volleyball.

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If you could engage in a conversation with any celebrity where no questions were off limits, who would it be?

I was going to say someone from the CIA or an ex-president, but honestly, I would have to say, Elon Musk. I would love to pick his brain on a few things.

What are you doing when you aren’t creating?

Playing Call of Duty with the boys, playing with my pets, and eating a lot of food.

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What kind of pets do you own?

I have two dogs and two cats.

If you were an animal, what would you be?

I would be a hyena because their only predators are themselves and vultures.

What is your go-to song for a pick-me-up?

Currently, it is “What’s Golden” by Jurassic 5.

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If you could transport to another decade with the ability to come back to the present, where would you go?

I would go 100 to 150 years into the future, but only if I can come back to now.

What is one thing you cannot leave the house without?

Eyedrops and Chapstick.

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When feeling overwhelmed, what do you do to regain peace and calm?

I lock myself in my room with my pets and lay in my bed.

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What’s next for Hannah Stocking?

What’s next for me is acting, a lot of acting and hosting.

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