MODERN FAIRY TALES by Viktorija Pashuta

Los Angeles-based fashion photographer Viktorija Pashuta is known for creating concept viral photo shoots that gain worldwide exposure and buzz in social media. Famous for her conceptualized series ‘What If Cars Were Supermodels’,What if Guys Were Social Networks‘ and ‘What if Girls Were Internet Browsers‘ published in VOGUEEsquireBuzzfeedAds of the WorldComplex to name a few  that gained more than 2 billion hits online – she has just released her new project for the Anniversary Edition of BASIC magazine “Modern Fairy Tales”.

Nine models transformed into beloved fairy-tale characters like Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Mulan, Tiana from Princess and The Frog, Aurora the Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine from Aladdin, Belle from Beauty and The Beast, Pocahontas, Rapunzel and Cleopatra – to embody femininity and revive the childhood dream of being a princess.

Viktorija explains, “Our world, especially nowadays with so much negativity, division, hatred, fear and unjustified hype, needs more beauty, more dreaming, more empowerment. With this photo series I hoped to put my energy into female characters that went through some life adversities, yet persevered and managed to find happiness, love, strength and self-confidence. Each of the characters has been played out in many ways before, but I wanted to create a completely new visuals – combining everyone’s known fairy-tale characters and fashion, but in a more whimsical way, visually showing them more colorful, dreamy and positive rather than sexy or dark how it is usually shown in fashion.”

She adds that in order to create this project it took a wonderful and dedicated team of professionals to reimagine these famous characters through styling, hair and makeup. “Ksenia Kim – NAHA award-winning hair stylist really outdid herself when she came up with intricate and sophisticated hair styles for each character, tons and tons of hair and unusual accessories (like baby feathers on Tiana or real star fish on Ariel) was involved in mastering each look in the way that it still is recognizable as a fairy-tale character, but at the same time shows something different that you have not seen before.”

“Makeup artists Nata Strilchuk, Kseniya Bernkhard and Tatiyana Elias conjured on the glam of these beauties to keep them authentic to their original characters, but to also bring a new light to a different side – she adds, – “like a structured broken liner on Pocahontas eyes, or teal under-brow liner for Tiana or unexpected red lip for Ariel, it all was meticulously planned to invoke some emotions of surprise.”

Styling played a huge role in this project, with the help of Ambika Sanjana – the story shaped into one wonderful book of wonders.

Dress, Shoes PAPA DON’T PREACH BY SHUBHIKA @papadontpreachbyshubhika
Earrings & Ring KOTTÉ @kottestudio

Model SABINA KRAVCHENKO @sabina.kravchenko
Dress KERRY PARKER @kerryparkerofficial
Shoes SUVERIA MOTA @suveria_
Corset DIVALUKKY COUTURE @divalukky
Earrings & Ring KOTTÉ @kottestudio

Model JANELLE GRAY @janelleallisa
Earrings KOTTÉ @kottestudio

Model SABINA KRAVCHENKO @sabina.kravchenko
Dress KAMILLA PURSHIE @kamillapurshie
Shoes: PAPA DONT PREACH BY SHUBHIKA @papadontpreachbyshubhika
Earrings: KOTTÉ @kottestudio

Model LAKEN ROMINE @lakenromine
Sparkly Top, Jewelry PAPA DONT PREACH BY SHUBHIKA @papadontpreachbyshubhika
Shoes YSL @ysl
Earrings & Ring KOTTÉ @kottestudio

Model BROOKELL BARBER @brookellb
Yellow gown MONSOORI @monsoori
Jewelry KOTTÉ @kottestudio

Model JANELLE GRAY @janelleallisa
Bodysuit STELLO COUTURE @stello
Jewelry KOTTÉ @kottestudio

Dress DEVON HAUTE COUTURE @devoncouture_beverlyhills
Shoes SUVERIA MOTA @suveria_
Jewelry KOTTÉ @kottestudio

Model LAKEN ROMINE @lakenromine
Dress FALGUNI SHANE PEACOCK @falgunishanepeacockindia
Shoes SUVERIA MOTA @suveria_
Silver Earring and Ring KOTTÉ @kottestudio

Model GRETA TUCKUTE @tuckutegreta

Shoes PAPA DONT PREACH BY SHUBHIKA @papadontpreachbyshubhika
Jewelry, Headpiece LAUREL DEWITT @laureldewitt

Model MERCY ODIMA @whitneymercyofficial
Dress VALDRIN SAHITI @valdrinsahitiofficial
Shoes PAPA DONT PREACH BY SHUBHIKA @papadontpreachbyshubhika

Model MERCY ODIMA @whitneymercyofficial
Dress FALGUNI SHANE PEACOCK @falgunishanepeacock
Shoes JIMMY CHOO @jimmychoo

Model JOLIE LIU @joliexliu

Presented by Siete Cielos

Photographer Viktorija Pashuta @viktorija_pashuta
Photos Editing Anil Saxena @anildigitalartist
Styled by Ambika Sanjana @styledbyambika
Producer Jackson Chong @jacksonchong_
Jewelry Stylist Lana Vavrishchuk @aarnika
Models: Sabina Kravchenko, Laken Romine, Jolie x Liu, Whitney Mercy, Janelle Gray, Greta Tuckute, Brookel Barber
Makeup Artist Tatiyana Elias @tatiyanaelias
Makeup Artist Kseniya Bernkhardt @k.hart.muah
Makeup Artist Nata Strilchuk @natastrilchuk
Hair Stylist Ksenia Kim @hairbyksenia
Hair Stylist Assistant Artur Zurnachyan @zurnachyanartur
Photo Assistant Jathan Campbell

Special Thank you McLaren USA

Skincare by Olecea @oleceabeaute