What if Cars Were SUPERMODELS

Once a year Los Angeles-based fashion photographer Viktorija Pashuta creates concept viral photo shoots that gain worldwide exposure and huge buzz in social media. Famous for her conceptualized series ‘What if Guys Were Social Networks‘ and ‘What if Girls Were Internet Browsers‘ published in VOGUE, Esquire, Buzzfeed, Ads of the World, Complex to name a few  that gained more than 2 billion hits online – she has just released her new project entitled What if Cars Were SUPERMODELS.

Gathered under one roof top 12 renowned super models, Viktorija envisioned what would of happened if cars as if under the enchanted spell would turn into real Women.

Viktorija explains, “In our materialized world – people get so much attached to certain objects that to imagine them as human beings is not that difficult”. She adds that in order to make the images more personal she asked every model to share a quote that reflects the style of each car they are portraying.  “The most interesting part – she adds, – was to combine fashion elements with car features, this is why working with the stylists Jesse J & Kim Sheree was so crucial to fullfil the concept”.

“The hardest part in these sort of photo shoots is preparation.  Many days were spent finalizing each car’s qualities, features, nuances, things that actually represent the SOUL of every vehicle. For instance, Jeep Wrangler is represented as a female Indiana Jones, a girl who loves adventures and travels; La Ferrari – is the luxurious, sexy brunette;  Hummer – is a muscle, extra fit girl; Tesla S is a futuristic, high end girl; Mercedes Benz S Class – classic woman with exceptional elegance and business  style;  Rolls-Royce Phantom– is a posh, glamorous diva; Kia Optima – fun and effortlessly chic; Volkswagen Van – is a Coachella-hippie party girl; Vintage Corvette – a pin-up coquette; Aston Martin – is a James Bond Spy Girl, Low Rider Impala – a rebel badass chick; and Toyota Camry – casual  girl next door”.

Low Rider Impala by Samii Ryan – a rebel badass chic @samiiryan

basic magazine_cars supermodels_low rider


La Ferrari  by Mahglagha Jaberi –  is the luxurious, sexy brunette  @mahlaghajaberibasic magazine_cars supermodels_la ferrai


Hummer Truck H1 by Paige Hathaway – is an extra fit, muscle girl  @paigehathaway 

basic magazine_cars supermodels_hummer


Kia Optima by An Jing – fun and effortlessly chic @secret_buttercup

basic magazine_cars supermodels_kia


Mercedes Benz S Class by Yazemeenah Rossi – a classic woman with exceptional elegance and business  style  @yazemeenah  

basic magazine_cars supermodels_mercedes- benz


Rolls-Royce Phantom by Kaylen Dao – is a posh, glamorous diva  @kaylendaobasic magazine_cars supermodels_rolls royce


Aston Martin Vanquish by Berglind Icey – is a James Bond Spy Girl @berglindicey basic magazine_cars supermodels_aston martin


Jeep Wrangler by Melissa Haro is an adventurous Indiana Jones  @melissaroseharo basic magazine_cars supermodels_jeep wrangler


Vintage 1960 Corvette by Doris Mayday – a pin-up coquette  @dorismayday basic magazine_cars supermodels_vintage corvette


Toyota Camry by Brenda Castillo – a casual girl next door @vsbree 

basic magazine_cars supermodels_toyota camry


Volkswagen Vintage Van by Patience Silva – is a Coachella-hippie- party girl  @patiencesilva basic magazine_cars supermodels_volkswagen


Tesla by Andrea Debevc – is a futuristic, high end girl @adebevc

basic magazine_cars supermodels_tesla


Team Credits


Photographer// Viktorija Pashuta @viktorija_pashuta

Art Director Roberta Hall @robertadeehall

Styled // Jesse J @jessejcollections & Kim Sheree @iamkimshee

Models// Samii Ryan @samiiryan, Mahlagha Jaberi @mahlaghajaberi, Paige Hathaway @paigehathaway, An Jing @secret_buttercup, Yazemeenah Rossi @yazemeenah, Kaylen Dao @kaylendao, Doris Mayday @dorismayday, Melissa Haro @melissaroseharo, Berglind Icey @berglindicey, Brenda Castillo @vsbree, Patience Silva @patiencesilva, Andrea Debevc @adebevc
MUAs // Jerry Avila @jerryavila_, Debra Macki @debramacki, Sabrina Rana @sabrina_rana
Hair // Victor Mendoza @mendozavicf, Tony Medina @hisvintagetouch
Photographer’s Assistant // Erik Santibanez

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