Spirit Animal Jean Watts


BASIC exclusive interview with singer/social influencer, Jean Watts whose new “introduction” video and single “Spirit Animal”  launched last week on over 150 digital outlets that will include, iTune, Spotify, Apple Music, Title, Google Play, Amazon, etc.

by Svetlana Vavrishchuk

BASIC: Tell us please, who is Jean Watts behind the social media ‘wall’?

Oo that’s a hard question. Jean Watts is a super passionate, artist who knows humility very well. Lol I’m very driven and have been through a lot in my life. So I really want to spread art, positivity, and inspire people the way I wish I was inspired when I needed to be.


BASIC: If you had a chance to play a lead role in an iconic movie? Who would you play and why?

Anything Jennifer Lawrence would play. I love her women empowering lead roles. I think we need more of that. But right now I’m currently putting out in the universe that I want to play Poison Ivy in the next Batman movie haha!


BASIC: Being a social media influencer, how do you think your image affect your fans and followers?

Well, it’s weird because for a very long time I wasn’t showing who I really was online. I posted a bunch of makeup looks because I was trying to build a fan base for when I put out my music. I love doing makeup and dressing up, it’s another art to me, but after a while I was aching for people to hear my music which is who I really am and have been working on for years. I’m really hoping and praying that I can transfer my followers to becoming music fans and getting to know me!

BASIC: Inspired by your new single ‘Spirit Animal’ – who would you consider to be your true spirit animal?

I really would like to think that I am my own spirit animal in a way, which is what Spirit Animal is about. There was a time in my life at a young age where I didn’t like who I was molding to be because of the life around me, so I woke up one day and decided I didn’t want to feel that way anymore and promised myself to be the best person I could be. That decision changed my life. So I live to create art and to really inspire people that a healthy change no matter what the situation is, is possible. I hope to make some type of difference in the world and beat out the stereotype.


Spirit Animal was written by Jean, Jazelle Paris and multi-platinum Grammy award winning producer and songwriter, Damon Sharpe (Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande) who also produced the song. The song has an inspiration of Aztec music and other types of world music.  Jean wanted her introduction song to have a fun theme that would be fun to perform as entertainment and showmanship is a large part of this first EP.  Every song that will appear on Jean’s first EP was co-written by Jean. The video is choreographed by creative director Richy Jackson (Lady Gaga, Meghan Trainer).

BASIC: We saw some of your drawing you posted on Instagram. Are there any other hidden talents that we don’t know about?

Well, anyone that knows me, knows I LOVE art of any form! I’m a very visual person so photography and cinematography is another love of mine. So, one of my many dreams I have, is to one day direct my own music video and a movie.