Photo Project by Victoria Janashvilli || Words by Saiyda Shabazz

Jessica Lewis || Body Art and Makeup // Anastasia Durasova

Victoria Janashvili is a seasoned photographer, and New York City resident, best known for her extensive work with body image awareness campaigns. Her campaigns and beautiful works highlight dedication to self-love. Originally having studied to be a lawyer, she left law school to begin working as a photographer’s assistant and studied at the London College of Fashion. After shooting editorials for publications such as Maxim, Esquire, and Cosmopolitan, Janashvili dedicated to use photography to spread her vision of beauty through body confidence. Her focus in the photography industry has remained consistent, to share her vision and version of beauty. In Curves, Janashvili brought together 70 models and self-love supporters of all shapes and sizes including Sophie Tween Simmons, Denise Bidot, Jennifer Maitland, Angela Martini, Joanna Krupa, and Diandra Forrest, to illustrate female beauty that is undefined by our society and its standards. In addition to the photos are testimonies of self-confidence, the same mantra that Janashvili has devoted her career. Whether shooting size zero or size 20 women, her work uncovers the true inner beauty of her subjects. Victoria Janashvili’s artistic bare prints unveil inspiring testimonies on how these women have become more confident and what their curves mean to them. Whether through body paint or a uniquely styled photo, each curve in this book pays homage to establishing self-love.