Photographer // by Viktorija Pashuta
Poetry Written // Amit Kumar Mehta
Set Designer // Alessandro Marvelli
Styled // Juanita Londoño
Make Up Artists // Kenye Hart, Sean Harris using Dior
Body Art & Make Up // Kevin Lim
Hair Stylists // Victor Mendoza, Hilda Flores
Nail Design // Xuan Bui
Stylist Assistant // Oye Decova

White Dress Lotuz, Head Piece Halo and Co, Man’s Pants Jason Ryan


by Alexandre Lysiak & Ksenia Dubovitskaya

Docked with the reflections of paradise laying empty within the water, surrounded by smiles that turn into frowns as I turn my head, left without a passage to follow nor led through passageways which lead to nowhere. Wishing upon destined hopes that remain to be seen, unfortunate as they are told, shed without light as glorified memories remembered only by the darkness within a rose…

Dress: Felice Art Couture, Cape/ Scarf: Vintage Shades
Man’s Shoulder Piece and Crown: Tothology


by Brandon McClure & Cambria Martinsen

Left alone from everything to nothing, joint together of will or envy, we stand as one for this moment alone, solidarity in a moment, afraid of detachment as we wake in tomorrow’s storm with a swirl of passed memories to erase all peace found and now lost. The past haunts me never to repeat, from here the honest and true all cheat, embrace the depth of my stare, the truth my eyes will towards every ounce of you, I am here, for now and forever. I leave you with and without me as the flames engulf my soul to be washed upon the sea…

Dress/ Headpiece: Rocky Gathercole, Cape: YAS COUTURE, Pants: Jason Ryan, Belt: Oobboo


by Houda Shretah & Rick Taldÿkin

From the minuscule of touches to the grip of lovers lust, tell me all your ancient fables of which have been told upon ants lingering on an elephant’s tusk. Pyramids rise and fall as I stare onto the horizon for one final call. I see you in a clearer more vivid light than you dare to see, depth of which cannot be told, only described by the waves of the Ionian Sea…

Dress and Pants by Jason Ryan


by Jerdani Kraja & Bailey Kai

Blind broken hearts, none of which exist without the pain and suffering that comes from love stories too tragic to ever be told. Whispered through the grape vines, disguised as truthful lies, as I snort the lines of futures past I become restless to what remains, surrounding me as a plague, only waiting to feast. All that was to be gained is gone, decompose within time and space, left to die without concern for what once was our birth place…..

Short Jumpsuit: Felice Art Couture, Headwear: Ami-Tsulami, Hat: Tom Smarte, Coat: JNCO, Shirt: Orian shirt


by Anastassija Mak & Maslow Petosa

Notorious as we can possibly be, the love of my life is a mirror image of me. Destiny awaits for my ride or die, escape death with riches on the sly. No regrets as you are my future, present and pasts, blossomed through fate and gun blasts. Tragic destiny I shall always miss, for I have been taken by the abyss…

Shoulder Piece Halo and Co, Top: Mitan Ghosh, Pants on Susy: Shefai Couture, Pants on Cash: Vicent Li,
Man’s top and vest Shefai Couture, Man’s headpiece Tothology, Jewelry Ivan Bitton


by Cash Lopez & Susy Diab

Castles manifested in the heavens through ecstasy. The crisp clouds separate if only for an instance, for my solidarity, to get a nourishing viewpoint of my destiny. Whether that remains to be simply a tale of legends, or the living reality fit for the future of a king, these coals remain to be spat from hell, yet why do I continue to see diamonds and gems that cease to exist when I awake. The parting in the heavens begin to overshadow each other, leaving behind no remnants of a majestic past, for the day you look up to take in all her beauty, you regret to realize it has forever left thee…


by Brookell Barber & Daniel Gibson

I am slayed by my maker, your eyes are my keeper. Dusk arises and dawn falls, come with me on a doomed mission of which none shall prevail. This ship sways harder against every coming tide, even as you remain perfect, there are imperfections, tribulations and destructive destinations. Fictional tales were lifted higher than fairy tales. You run off into the wilderness, roam alone with a blindfold, heart is consumed by memories of love and hate, memories you and I have made, memories which now only fade away….

Dress: Shefail Couture, Robe: Felice Art Couture, Headpiece: Halo and Co, Man’s Pants/Top Jason Ryan


by Neraida Bega & Ben Elliot

Destined to spend eternity together, this promise I had always intended to fulfill. Reach out to me, our finger tips do nothing but slightly touch. If only I had taken one step further, our now deceased garden would too be lush. This wrath within me has settled, congested with the memories you and I have made. Pain suppresses to exist, for what is pain when the heart has been stabbed by your undirected blade…