The Kids Are Alright: Chloe x Halle

Not a lot of teenagers can say that they’ve been mentored by Beyoncé, at a major music festival, and joined an international tour On the Run II before they’ve even hit the big “2-0.” 18 and 19-year-old sisters Chloe and Halle are, of course, two of the few exceptions to that rule.

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The sisters have been polishing their vocal chops since they were kids, uploading their songs on YouTube for the interwebs’ perusal. But all it took was a single view from the right person who goes by the name of Beyoncé — and the rest was history. Soon after they were discovered in 2013, they were immediately signed to Beyoncé’s label, Parkwood Entertainment.

It has been quite a whirlwind journey since then. But after learning under the Knowles family’s tutelage, traveling the world, and meeting their idols, Chloe and Halle now have a debut album to add under their belt.

The album, entitled The Kids Are Alright, is a dynamic 18-track collection of their experiences — their youth, their dreams, and the generation they aim to give a voice to. According to the pair, the title track is a toast to their transition into young adulthood and all the challenges that come with it. “We’re telling ourselves we’re going to be okay,” Chloe shared in an interview.

But the album stands for so much more than just their internal struggles. Chloe and Halle draw inspiration from the current issues around the world, citing “all these crazy things left for this generation to handle.” Joining the rising pool of female creators using art to take a stand as explored by Alycia Cohen here on Basic Magazine, their album is preaching love and empowerment in hopes of setting off a ripple of change.

The introduction track, “Hello Friend” comes on strong and immediately commands your ears as if to say, listen to our message. Within seconds, the sisters’ hazy vocals engulf you in a trance-like state. The electrifying energy of this track sets the tone for the entire album, but it’s hard to pigeonhole them into a single genre. It’s pop R&B at its core, but it could very much be blasted on a dance floor at 2AM as much as in your bedroom on a Sunday morning.

“Warrior,” is another one of the album’s standout tracks. As a song that speaks of self-empowerment, it fits like a glove on the soundtrack of A Wrinkle in Time, which they appeared on alongside other artists like Kehlani and Sia.

The album features collaborations with heavy-hitters like Joey Bada$$ and Goldlink, who lends his signature bounce to “Hi-Lo” — a song that is another slap to the face of insecurity and people trying to put them down. Chloe is also quoted saying she uses her music to combat anxiety when it hits, particularly with the tracks “Down” and “God Spoke.”

All in all, the album takes listeners on a ride across the full spectrum of human emotion. From love and strength to anger and sadness, Chloe and Halle want you to know that that’s okay. Because hey, the kids are alright after all.

While the duo have yet to release news about their upcoming material, they’re currently gearing up to attend a prestigious all-women writing camp put together by a certain Alicia Keys. On top of that, they’ll continue putting themselves out there, honing their craft, and fighting the good fight through their music.

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