Quentin Thrash


An Interview with Quentin Thrash

Words by Rachel Eva

Former model, fashion stylist and celebrity barber Quentin Thrash, AKA Thrash, seeks to empower today’s youth to express themselves through style, break the mold and embrace true authenticity. Born and raised in South Carolina, Thrash has made it a point to always dress well and carry himself with unyielding confidence.

“I have always been a very well dressed person, so when I began modeling I used to style my own shoots. Eventually, all of the photographers that I was working with started requesting me to style other shoots for them. That’s how the idea came along to become a stylist, even though I didn’t really embrace it until I moved to L.A.,” Thrash admits. Now Thrash is helping his clients break the mold and embrace a whole new side of themselves. “When it comes to re-inventing a client’s style, the most passionate thing for me is to see a client step out of their comfort zone and embrace something new. The majority of people are not as comfortable with themselves as they portray to be, so it makes me feel good to know that they trust my opinions and talents.”

From pulling vintage treasures to modern necessities and incorporating positive messaging, Thrash’s unique outside-of-the-box approach to fashion and style has earned him Instagram fame. When I asked him about utilizing his social media as a powerful platform to share empowering messages, he explained this very intentional choice. “My passion lies in influencing the young crowd that may have come from a similar background as myself, and show them that there are other ways to become successful than the typical stereotypes. I took the road less traveled and I want to be that channel of hope for them to feel that. If he can do it, I can do it too.”

When it comes to how personal style can make an impact on both the world and an individual’s life, Thrash says, “They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but in all actuality, subconsciously we all do. Being well-dressed, well-mannered, and well-educated will get you in more doors than you can ever imagine. People have always thought I was a lot more stable than I actually was because of the way I dressed and carried myself.”

Thrash’s personal style is bold, authentic and most importantly, his own. He has had many eras influence his unique look, from different color palettes to various ethnic cultures. “I would say the most influential thing would be the many ways that style has changed over the years,” he says. “Vintage styles speak to me the most because I feel that is when style was genuine. Not so much trends and fads, but actual functionality.”

So what does genuine style, authentic confidence and boldness really mean to Thrash? “It comes from a place where someone extends themselves to the world from a genuine place to feed off of and influence other,” he says. “When someone does it strictly for a peacock purpose, it is not received as well as from someone who owns his or her own style and confidence. If you are genuine and consistent to yourself, others will admire that about you and tend to follow. Not necessarily because of your style, but because of your genuine characteristics.” Thrash’s message is powerful and cuts to the core. Be boldly you. 

To follow Thrash’s inspiring stylings on Instagram, follow him at @StayFlyThrash.

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