Fed by an upbringing of classic Russian literature and European fairytales, Ulyana Sergeenko’s designs are imaginatively rich. Growing up in a family of intellectual minds, her families clothing, particularly her grandmothers, were simplistic and traditional. This upbringing, during Soviet era fashion, translated into a love for handmade garments that is still prevalent in Sergeenko’s designs today. The Ulyana Sergeenko brand launched in spring of 2011 in Moscow and has possessed a technical aesthetic that has defined her brand from its conception. Having collaborated with highly skilled ateliers and lace and stone makers from Russia and former Soviet republics, Sergeenko employs this method regularly. She has since worked with over seventy ateliers in the last four years. Her vivid imagination has brought forth creations referencing film stars, Russian culture, literature and Occidental glamour. In addition, stars such as Beyoncé, Rihanna and Marion Cotillard have worn her pieces.