Artist Eda Gecikmez from Turkey

The talented artist first saw the light of day in Istanbul in 1984. Eda Gecikmez studied Painting at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. During this time she spent one year at Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, San Carlos Fine Arts, Spain. After her studies she participated in numerous group shows as well as diverse art projects in Turkey and abroad.

‘Before boredom sets in’, artwork in the size of 185 x 120 cm by Eda Gecikmez.

As an artist, Eda Gecikmez deals with different forms to express herself. Her body of work includes a range of oil paintings as well as collages and installations. Eda Gecikmez’ art is focusing on issues around the human body, identity and gender politics, our current social life, psychoanalysis and surrealism. In her studio in Istanbul she creates a diverse mix of work.

With this article I want to present you some of her surreal oil paintings. With a conscious feminine touch, Eda Gecikmez creates meaningful artworks full of surrealism. Enjoy this fine selection! If you want to see more of her work, feel free and visit her website.

‘Pleasure without consent’, artwork in the size of 117 x 89 cm by Eda Gecikmez.
‘Transformation’, painting with oil on canvas in the size of 160 x 130 cm.
‘(In anticipation of) An External threat and intervention’ – 180 x 216 cm.
Surreal potraiture in the size of 90 x 70 cm by artist Eda Gecikmez.

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