Designer Bryan Hearns blends sexuality and street style

No stranger to exposing cut outs, detailed high-slits or form-fitting dresses Bryan Hearns’ edgy designs have led him to the forefront of fashion. The Los Angeles based designer uses the detailing of chain hardware to separate his new collection from the rest.

We spoke with Hearns who stated, “The detailing and use of hardware is very much a part of my design aesthetic. Particularly in this collection more so than the others, I love featuring the raw look and feel of industrial hardware in my designs. I love the hard look of piercings from bondage fashion and wanted to make that feel more feminine and soft mixing them and including them with traditional fabrics and silhouettes.”

When asked about the overall inspiration behind his S/S 2017 collection, Hearns told BASIC he was very inspired by his move to Los Angeles and the diverse group of friends that surround him. That and a fateful trip to a hardware store that sparked his interest in the elements utilized in the line.
Hearns’ Collection 8, Spectrum of Color, pays homage to his street style design aesthetic. He said that it wasn’t the trends of today, per se, that inspired the collection, but that he is “definitely cautious of what people are wearing on the red carpet and on the street.“

The use of textured fabrics, paired with untied classic Cortez Nikes, emphasizes the sporty chic trend. Hearns’ love for sheer and eyelet fabrics created the perfect duo for racy bralettes and miniskirts. Elevating contemporary style pieces into custom creations. With an accent of layered jewelry, trimmings, and chain bondage, the significance of detail was evident. “Designer clothing is all about the details, for me it’s important because it’s that attention to detail that sets my designs apart.” He added. Hues of red, canary yellow, greens, and royal blue used throughout the line shows he was truly influenced by the color spectrum. Collection 8 is a true testament to Hearns’ chain takeover, in remembrance of the streets that raised him.

Hearns’ risque looks grace many of today’s hottest stars including: Madonna, Kylie Jenner, Tyra Banks, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey and Victoria Justice.

“I like my designs to reflect the person who wears them; the Bryan Hearns girl is all about owning her sexuality and taking risk.”